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6 Gifts For The New Mum In Your Life

AD – Nothing can quite compare to the gift of a new baby for a new mum, but you can help her celebrate with a  thoughtful and meaningful gift. In this post, we will look at gift ideas that will be much appreciated.

An Eternity Ring

Traditionally given on the occasion of a special anniversary, eternity rings have also become a popular gift for new moms as well. The classic design features a simple band with diamonds all around the ring, but there are a lot of variations in women’s rings from ItsHot that are practical and stunning too.

The Gift of Music

This is something that is maybe a little different, and that is what makes it more special. Choose a playlist that evokes special memories for the new mom. You can easily and legally download the tracks on Spotify and either burn a CD or put them on a flash drive.

gift for a new mum

A Pamper Pack

Buying stuff for babies is a lot of fun. It is something that we can all go crazy with. But this gift should really be about the mom. So why not a pamper pack with her favorite lotions, matching body wash, and so on?

Get her something that is only about her, instead of just things for the baby.

“Help” Coupons

What is the thing that new mums need the most? The answer to that question is time. New babies are cute, and all, but are also a lot of work. Why not make the new mom a book of “help” coupons? These could be for things like doing the laundry, babysitting the baby later on, or babysitting older kids.

Think of things that the new mum will battle to get done for herself and help her out a bit.

A Beautiful Album or Photobook

There are two ways to do this. You could give a new album that the mum has to fill up herself. How much time will she have to do this, however? What would be nice is if you could gather together a lot of photos to create the storyline up to this point.

Maybe from when the new parents met, pictures of their wedding, if applicable, and pictures were taken throughout the pregnancy, right through to photos of the new baby. If scrapbooking is not your thing, gather everything together and create a beautiful photo book.

You could even consider getting each family member and friend to contribute a special photo and quote for the occasion.

A Handmade Gift

How good are you at sewing, embroidery, and so on? Can you create a beautiful blanket or some other kind of heirloom piece for the new mom to use with the baby? Maybe a pretty sampler with baby’s name and birthdate on it would be appreciated. (Just match the colors to the décor in baby’s room.)

The advantage of a handmade gift is that it can be personalized to perfection. You know that as a gift it will be unique and that no one else will be able to gift anything similar.

Not too confident to make something on your own? Why not get everyone together and create a beautiful quilt? Everyone in the group could create their own square. Or what about having everyone knit or crochet a block for a blanket?


There are many potential gifts for a new mum – you know the mum best, so you know what she will like. As long as you have put some good thought into it, it should be well-received.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.