Delicious Ways To Cook Christmas Vegetables

I love my Christmas vegetables. Well apart from sprouts! I have never liked them or grown into them, at all! Trust me I have tried many times.

I do love all the veg my hubby and Mum cook though and they always seem to taste better with a Christmas dinner. I’m really inspired by people who do slightly different things with their vegetables; come up with unique recipes which make them ever better. Or it may be a way of using leftovers!

I asked a group of bloggers for their inspiring Christmas vegetable ideas and this is what they came up with.

1) Pancetta and Red Wine Brussel Sprouts

Ok I said I don’t like sprouts but I’m always up for trying new recipes with them in. This alternative way of serving your sprouts is from Louise at A Strong Coffee. I think it would make a sweet option for your veg!

pancetta and red wine brussel sprouts

2 – Easy Christmas Red Cabbage

I love red cabbage but tend to have it picked usually, so this Christmas red cabbage recipe from Mandy at Sneaky Veg will really spice up your Christmas dinner.

Easy Christmas red cabbage

3 – Christmas Soup

Do you have a starter at Christmas? Or are so full on Boxing Day, all you can eat is soup? Regardless this Christmas soup recipe from Emma at Farmers Wife and Mummy will be a tasty, healthy way of eating your sprouts and parsnips! Have a try!

Christmas soup4 – Christmas Leftover Pie

Leftover meat and veggies? What can you do? Make a pie! This recipe from Stevie at Big Stevie Cool looks delicious and stops you from wasting any food! Looks simple to make too.

Christmas leftover pie

5 – Airfryer Roast Potatoes

Ok, I know potatoes are not a vegetable but almost! Christmas dinner wouldn’t be Christmas dinner for my hubby without the roast spuds. This delicious recipe from Katy from Katykicker  is so simple to make and looks amazing! Give them a try.

air fryer roast potatoes

6 – Roast Brussel Sprouts and Jerusalem Artichokes with Cranberries and Chestnuts

Yes more sprouts but I’m hoping to find a way to like them! This is another amazing recipe from Mandy at Sneaky Veg and looks really original and tasty.  So many Christmassy foods on one plate!


There are so really original and tasty recipes shared from my fellow bloggers.

I hope they have given you some inspiration this Christmas!

Delicious ways to cook Christmas Vegetables



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