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Our Garage Plans – on Hold But Still Planning

Our Garage Plans – on Hold But Still Planning

I wrote a while back about how we are planning a garage to office conversion. My hubby definitely needs somewhere to work and it will give more bedroom space for the girls and little guy on the way.

As with most plans you hope to get them done quickly and we had hoped for it to be done before Christmas but the quote we had for that time was extortionate and we knew we had to delay it and go with one of our original quotes, which was less. I do think the prices get hiked up just before the Christmas period too, as people do just want things done.

Unfortunately the cheaper chap we had really liked could not get going until May next year, so a long wait. I was kind of reassured really as I’d prefer to have a builder who is in demand. We also have no hurry! The baby will be in with us for a few months and won’t need his own room. We have plenty of time! Well this is what I keep saying to myself and we are still not sure if the girls would like to share a room for a bit, so this is all up in the air too.

There are lots of things we need to consider regardless of the wait and it is enjoyable planning and thinking what we would like to do.

For example, what sort of flooring would we like? Carpet or laminate? I’m thinking carpet for warmth and the cosy feel, as I’ll still be thinking of my office as a garage for a while!

What sort of heating and possible type of radiator will we like. Something from Trade Radiators would be a possibility as they have a great selection of floor to ceiling types which from our previous bathroom experience. These are really warm!

And this hasn’t stopped me having decor ideas for the new office. I’m hoping to have my own space to have a desk and be able to do some blog work. I’ve got a board ready on Pinterest with some workspace inspiration. I’m already thinking rustic with maybe some rose gold and greenery from plants. I think it will be nice to have my own space and somewhere to get rid of all the paperwork and blog bits! I’m also itching for a desk top monitor, rather than using my laptop all the time. Somewhere to escape!

We do have loads of time yet but it doesn’t hurt to plan.

Will keep you updated.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.