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A New Baby? A New Office!

For years my hubby has worked from home. Luckily for me, not long after the gremlin was born. This has been fabulous really. I’ve had someone always in the house, a little company now and then and it’s made me going back to work easier. Hubby does the drop offs three times a week and some of the pick ups too. Without this I’d be much later or we would have to rely on a childminder.

The issue when you have someone working from home is you need a dedicated office really. Currently my hubby is camped out in the spare room and let me tell you; that room is a complete mess!! There are books and papers everywhere and because of this it doesn’t get a good clean at all. I’ve kind of washed my hands of it And rarely clean in there.

We have a good sized garage and a third baby on the way and I knew we needed to kill many birds with one stone. The kids will need a bigger bedroom. I’d quite like to fully declutter the garage and I want my hubby’s mess out of the spare room!! It also may be useful for me to have a desk too to blog and perhaps have a proper screen and storage space for anything blog related. Currently that’s all in the dining room and lounge, so we would be really getting rid of a lot of clutter from the house.

At present we are currently in the planning stage for our new office. Planning permission had come through and we are getting a few quotes from builders. We have a couple who hubby is keen on, so it’s all about making a decision. Hubby made it clear to the last one we saw, we needed the job done by March and this was agreed!! I’m not confident my little Piglet will be a bigger room before her brother comes along but hey ho, I guess will have to go with the flow on this one.

I’m quite excited though as it means designing a new office; some Pinterest browsing for some office style and a good look around some office furniture stores. Of course, I would love a new desk! I already have an idea of the style of desk and working area I would like and hubby and I want to order some prints for the walls and basically make it as bright and airy in there as possible! I’m determined this office will not become another dumping ground but you never know with my other half.

So we are currently at that annoying waiting stage and trying to find a builder. I’ll hopefully keep you posted on our office progress and it won’t be long before we get cracking.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.