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Sports Attire for the Family

Keeping active is very important to me, and when I am well, I love to play sports. I also adore the gym, walking and will usually try a new activity, especially if there is a fitness aspect to it. It’s great for physical health and more importantly, my mental health. Going to the gym and training with others can completely clear my head and make me feel so much better if I have any worries. I love to buy new clothes for the gym and I have special gait-analysed trainers. I think it’s important to have the gear when doing any sport or activity.

It is really important for me to keep my girls active too, my eldest goes to gymnastics and swimming once a week. We also try and keep her walking as much as possible. She loves picking her new swimming costumes especially ones with character designs.

There are so many activities that you and your family can get into together or separately. I have a school friend who loves golf and plays with his dad at the weekend. It is important to have appropriate attire when playing golf so he suggested a golf shirt from Function 18. In any sport you need to look and feel the part, especially if you are in a club.

I asked my fellow bloggers what they and their little ones like to get up to together as a family and what they wear. This is what they said:

“My girls and I enjoy running together. I think it’s important to lead by example. My 6-year-old twins always ask to run with me and have completed a number of fun runs with me too. Next year they want to do the 5k Race for life, and I’m really looking forward to completing it with them. They have some very cute matching tees!” Emily from Twin Mum and Dad.

“My daughter does gymnastics, and wears such a lovely leotard, my husband does spartan races – next year we are all training as a family to do a spartan event!” Alex.

“My husband plays korfball and is already training our twins (aged two). They have their own kid’s size ball and love warming up with daddy when we go to watch him play.” Rebecca from Becca Blogs It Out.

“My twin girls (aged five) both do Taekwondo. It’s really helping their behaviour as a lot of it is about discipline but also, I like that it’s giving them self-defence skills! There’s a good mix of boys and girls in the class and they love it.” Beth from Twinderelmo.

“My 3-year-old does Mini Kickers football classes! He loves it not only because he can run about and kick a ball but also for the social aspect too. He is well kitted out in his sport’s gear.” Raimonda from Cosmo Mum.

My biggest boy (age 6) does weekly swimming lessons and my littlest one (age 2) does Rugby Tots classes. It means we are up and out early on a Saturday morning! Very early!” Lisa from Mummascribbles.

Personally, I love the little shorts!

“Tennis! My boy loves it from an early age but not ready for proper coaching yet. We just want him to like it.” Eva from Captain Bobcat.

This tennis outfit is adorable!

“Both of my boys swim with Turtle Tots and I get in the water with both of them. Jake (4) has also done gymnastics since he was 1 as the centre here provides a variety of classes from crawling and we have just continued with it.” Emma from Emma Reed.

“My daughter does tennis and cricket during the summer months!” Jennifer from My Mummie’s Pennies.

And doesn’t she look the part!

Sport and activities should be an important part of a family routine for good health and happiness. It’s also good to have the right kit and attire to be comfortable.

What do you and your family like to do to keep fit?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.