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How To Make Your Wedding Day Unique

How To Make Your Wedding Day Unique

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post.

Not everybody wants a traditional wedding. Putting your own unique twist on your special day could help to make it more personal and whilst making it more memorable for you guests. Here are just a few ways in which you can make your wedding day unique.

The dress

Wedding dresses come in all different styles. If you want something that stands out, it could be looking for alternative wedding dress vendors such as this unique site. You could even consider trying other colours instead of white and even exploring retro styles. Think about the type of dress that suits your personality and try to find a style to match it.

The venue

You don’t have to get married in a church. In fact, there are all kinds of unusual places where you can declare your vows. For a calm escape into nature, you could consider a beach wedding or a forest wedding. Meanwhile for those wanting something more fast paced, you could consider getting married on a boat or a on top of an open-top bus. You could even get married in your garden if you want to keep it personal and don’t want to splash out.


You could also look into a unique way of travelling to your wedding. Horses and carriages were once the traditional transport option but have now become more alternative as cars have taken over. Another alternative option meanwhile could be to rent a bus (you could even use this to transport all your guests).


Most couples opt for a DJ when choosing entertainment, but there are many other entertainment options that you can consider. If you still want some music, you could consider hiring a live band or a singer. Then there are options such as magicians and fire performers for something that want something a little more alternative. This is an awesome page for those wanting some extra ideas when it comes to entertainment. Remember that certain venues may have restrictions when it comes to certain entertainment, so always check first before booking your entertainers.

Food and drink

When it comes to food and drink, there are lots of ways to be unique. You may want to inject some of your cultural heritage into the meal – this might include Caribbean soul food or Mediterranean cuisine. Alternatively, you could opt to have food grilled at the table so that it’s also a spectacle. As for drinks, consider offering guests the chance to try unusual cocktails or unique wines and beers. You could also hire a performing catering service such as a team of waiters that sing and dance whilst serving.

While all your wedding elements make your day special, preserving those memories in customized wedding albums ensures they last a lifetime and remain unique to your love story.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.