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Great Easter Gifts According to my 5 Year Old with Basic Fun

Great Easter Gifts According to my 5 Year Old with Basic Fun

#ad – Disclosure – we were provided with these Basic Fun review items in exchange for a post and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

The gremlin is a typical 5 year old. She loves collectable toys, blind bags and anything cute and little. Usually I ask her about a toy and she tells me all about it, as she has watched some videos on YouTube!

Easter is always a time for chocolate. Well anytime is a time for chocolate in my gremlin’s mind but I prefer her to not go too bonkers at Easter, so alternative gifts are a must. Basic Fun have some gems that are perfect for 4-9 year olds, not too pricey and will be better than a truckload of chocolate. Definitely a lot healthier.

My gremlin had great fun testing out these gifts and I hope they inspire you a little too.


Cutetitios are exactly what they sound like; something cute that looks like a burrito. The price seems variable at present around £8-10 in places like Smyths Toys, Argos and Amazon.

As quoted!

“Hidden in foil just like a take-away burrito, each Cutetito is a loveable, high quality 7.5-inch soft toy animal wrapped in a super-soft burrito blanket. It’s a mystery which one you’ll unwrap – each comes with a pet collector card to tells you everything you need to know about your new pet Cutetito, including birthday, species, name and favourite quotito!”

Wrapped up Cutetitos

My gremlin was begging to open this so I caved and we did put before she even ate her tea after school.

After opening her Cutetito, she revealed a bunny! Perfect for Easter and amazing for her as she loves bunnies. Hoppitio was it’s name and it was a medium spice.

Hoppito wrapped up cutetito

My gremlin loved this and especially loved re-wrapping it up and carrying it everywhere. I have to admit it is quite cute and quite a unique idea!!!

cutetito collectable sheet

Little Lucky Lunchbox

These cute Little Lucky Lunchboxes are another cool little collectible for children and another exciting gift for Easter that isn’t chocolate.

These lunchboxes contain foodie surprises: two Foodie friends and two surprises. There are 10 to collect and aimed at ages 4 and over.

They RRP at around £7 and available on Amazon and The Entertainer.

The girls both had a bit of a fight opening this, as both wanted to get involved. Siblings eh?

Little Lucky Lunchbox

They needed a little help opening the plastic off the box but was ok from then forward. Inside were little blind bags to open.

Blind bags inside my little lunchbox

After a bit of squabbling (!) we revealed this! A sandwich, a raspberry, a sticker and a drink.

food and drink in my little lucky lunchbox

You can swap and collect the different foods and drinks.

My girls had fun with these, as exciting to open the bags and reveal what they have inside.

Retro My Little Pony

I wasn’t a big My Little Pony fan as a child but my work buddy was and she is dying to have this toy after my gremlin has had a little look. Think she is pretty excited.

My Little Pony Rainbow Collection

These have been created to mark the 35th anniversary and if you can remember them, they are so cool! We were sent Confetti but there are so many to choose from!

retro My Little Pony sticker

If you love or loved My Little Pony, these are a perfect gift. They RRP around £8.99 and aimed at age 3 plus. I think many people a lot older than 3 years old are going to love.

I hope I have given you a bit of inspiration for Easter with these alternative gift ideas.

They have had the seal of approval from my girls!