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Mumtrepreneurs: It’s Time To Give Your Small Business A Big Reputation

Mumtrepreneurs: It’s Time To Give Your Small Business A Big Reputation

This is a collaborative post.

Maternity leave is an absolute gift. Not only does it give you the quality time you need with the tiny person you’ve created, it also gives you something that we could all use a little more of in life… Perspective. After childbirth we emerge changed (and I’m not talking about the baby weight). Our perspectives have been realigned. Our brain chemistry has been fundamentally changed. Perhaps that’s why so many new Mums eschew their old jobs for starting their own businesses while they’re on maternity leave. 

Whether you’re selling your artwork on Etsy, offering your services as a consultant or making a living from your keyboard as a freelancer, starting your own business or franchising a business through the help of Franchising Path can be tremendously liberating. Sure, it’s a balancing act, but given the superhuman time management skills that new parents are pretty much forced to develop, you’re in a better position to manage that balancing act than ever. 

If you’ve attempted to make a go of us as a Mumtrepreneur but aren’t sure how to take your business to the next level, here are some ways you can give your small business a big reputation…

Invest in your appearance

That doesn’t just mean buying a power suit with enormous shoulderpads (although, feel free to treat yourself to one of those too). It’s more about investing in how your business appears to new prospects. 

That means investing in a good quality website, especially if your business requires you to make a living through ecommerce. Not only should your website look beautiful, it should leverage User Experience (UX) tweaks to subtly influence user behaviour and get people buying. 

You might also consider getting a company registered office address. This will lend your business a sense of scope and prestige. A residential address as your listed business address could make you appear less professional. Finally, a virtual assistant or call forwarding service can also give you the appearance of a larger business even if you’re flying solo.

Leverage user ratings and reviews

People are saying nice things about your products and services and leaving you 5 star reviews wherever they can. This is PR gold so make sure that you mine it for all it’s worth. Embed Google My Business star ratings and review snippets on your website. You can put them in a dedicated “Testimonials” section or put them front and centre on your homepage. Just make sure that your new prospects can see how happy your existing customers are with you!

Get interactive on social media… No matter what people are saying about you

Finally, it’s not enough to simply have a social media presence. If you’re only using it to talk about yourself, you’re not giving potential customers much of a reason to interact with you. Respond when people tag you in images, videos or conversations. Retweet them. Like what they’re posting. Show them that you are interested in them. Talk to them, even if they have less than flattering things to say about you. Especially if they have less than flattering things to say about you. How you handle complaints and negativity on social media says a great deal about you!

Put your effort and attention in these areas and your business will grow along with your kids, so that your small business quickly earns a big reputation. 

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.