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What Do Women Really Want This Valentines Day? Some Suggestions

What Do Women Really Want This Valentines Day? Some Suggestions

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

When buying a gift for the special lady in your life, it can be quite daunting.With Valentine’s Day coming up, it will be on the minds of many. What you want to do is to surprise her with a thoughtful gift. Something that shows you have made an effort and took the time to get something she would want. The reality is that the task can seem too big to handle, and some men stick with what they know, or may get it a little wrong. Here are some of the things you could buy or do for that special lady in your life. 


You can’t go wrong with a carefully selected piece of jewelry. It’s worth taking a moment to understand the type of jewellery your lady may like. Does she wear a lot of it? Or does she stick to set pieces? Once you know this then the fun can begin. When you have decided what you want to buy, then it would be a good idea to look at the sizes of the jewelry she already has. So that you can get this right. 


Flowers can be a great present for Valentine’s Day. But you could take it up a notch and design a bouquet yourself. Pick out the flowers. Perhaps you could pick the flowers that you had at your wedding. Or maybe just her favourites. Most women appreciate the beauty of flowers. Did you know that 92% of women can remember exactly when it was the last time they received flowers? Do you remember the last time you bought your good lady any?

Something quirky or different

Maybe there is a new hobby that the special lady in your life is wanting to try, so some gifts to help her pursue that could be a great alternative gift for Valentine’s Day. It could be that they want a camera to practice photography skills, or some activewear to try out some new classes. Or things that enables her to relive her youth, such as roller skates. You may want to research the basic differences between roller skates and rollerblades to ensure that you make the right decision. It is the small and out of the box ideas that can often be the best received. 

Something handmade 

Most women don’t need fancy gifts or a lot of expenses. In fact, it’s more the thought that women appreciate the most. The sentiment and effort that has gone into it. You could maybe make her a homemade card and add some thoughtful words. Maybe create a collage of pictures and have them printed on a canvas. Even creating a special date night just for her, where you have cooked and prepared a few surprises. You might be quite the artist. If so, put it to good use and create a masterpiece just for her. There are a lot of things you could do yourself. All you need is the idea. 

Let’s hope these options help you when it comes to Valentine’s Day. 

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.