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Why You Should Take More Driving Vacations This Year

Why You Should Take More Driving Vacations This Year

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

When you’re planning your family vacation this year, then perhaps you consider a road trip. There is a tonne of environmental reasons why this is a good option as it’s far more economical to drive than it is to fly, but there are loads of other reasons why it’s a top holiday choice too. Of course, if you have kids, then a family road trip can be testing, and you do need to make sure you’re safe, that you have the correct car seat installation, that you take enough snacks and make enough fun stops along the way. But once you have factored in those little details, take a look at why a road trip could be the best holiday idea ever for 2020.

You Are in Charge

It’s not like flying, getting a train, or even catching a bus. You get to decide what time you leave, what time you arrive, and where you stop along the way. You don’t have to look up train timetables or flight routes to plan your trip, and when you’re en route, if you see something interesting, you can just stop and go and check it out. 

You Don’t Have to Eat Plane Food

How good is that? As you travel, you can stop and have a picnic, go to a nice restaurant, or go through a drive-through and carry on your journey. 

You Can Be Flexible

If you planned to go somewhere, you get there and decide you don’t like it; you can just leave. Then you can spend more time in the places you love. This means that you can be far more spontaneous. Maybe you won’t end up sleeping in the location you thought you would be, but so what? 

You Get To See More

Taking a road trip means that you don’t have to go to all the touristy places and the typical attractions that a tour guide or bus trip might take you. You can go off where you like and see actual communities and villages for real. Even if you’re just looking out of the window, it’s far better than spending a journey looking at a train track or some clouds. Driving through the countryside is a great way to relax and really explore a particular area. Local festivals, Farmers’ markets, and even just stopping off in local parks can be so much fun and make your holiday unique. 

You Can Pack Everything As Long As It Fits Into Your Car

You don’t have to pay any extra to bring with you everything you need. If you want to take camping stuff, golf clubs, or a surfboard, packing it in a car is easier than getting it on a bus, train, or plane.

You Can Save Money

Even when you factor in the petrol that you use and the wear and tear on your car, a road trip will still be a far cheaper way to travel, especially if you’re traveling with the whole family. Taking four people somewhere by car is far cheaper than buying four airplane, bus or train tickets.

You Can Spend Quality Time Together

Traveling in the car – and not on some boring, mundane trip, but for a holiday can be really fun and a great time to spend together. You can talk, play games, remember things, and make new memories. 

The journey is the destination; a road trip is an adventure!

It’s about all the fun breaks, the pranks, the landscapes, the chats… simply everything! Try to enjoy the trip; it’s about the moment! 

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.