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Seeing the Positive During Lockdown

Seeing the Positive During Lockdown

We are now 4 weeks at home. Although we were locked down a few days later, today marks 4 weeks since we have not gone anywhere; 4 weeks since my eldest’s school closed, the gyms closed and swimming lessons ended. I’m not going to say it’s all been pretty. I talked rather candidly about the anxiety and stress I felt, the week before lockdown was announced. How I was desperately trying to cling onto to some form of control and normality. But this was futile. Life was and is not going to be normal for a very long time. I think my mindset changed from week 1. I realised I had to. accept the situation and learn. I knew I needed to see the positive during lockdown, or I was going to go slightly mad.

I’ve certainly not found home-schooling easy and coping with the kids at home full-time is a new experience.I was used to the little man being with me 3 days a week but having the girls full-time too? Crazy! Thinking of food for them daily is a huge challenge! Usually the eldest has school meals daily and her sister has meals at nursery 3 times week. I’ll never be fearful of the school holidays again! It will be a breeze after this.

I’m certainly not a Pinterest Mum. I’m not posting pictures of my rainbows and Easter crafts. I’m getting the eldest’s school work done, trying to get fresh air everyday, breaking up sibling fights and really trying to hold onto my health and some me-time during the day!!

At the same time though, I wouldn’t say I was struggling anymore than perhaps during the end of the 6 week holidays when I’ve had enough. I wouldn’t say life was awful and I certainly wouldn’t say I’m anywhere near the state I was a month ago.

I think us humans adapt and are quite resilient. We have to!! You have to be positive during lockdown; an unknown situation like this. This is what I mean:

Positive During Lockdown

You discover who means a lot to you

I’ve found during the situation I’ve really reached out and vice-versa to the people who mean a lot in my life. I’ve stayed close contact with my family but certain friends I’ve spoken to daily or very regularly. This won’t be forgotten. They won’t be forgotten.

I’ve gone back to work

I’m an NHS worker and the timing of my return was impeccable!! I’m usually quite anxious to return but after the week of lockdown, a return to work is like a walk in the park. I’m currently office-based but getting out of the house, having a routine and social distancing with a few colleagues is nice right now.

My kids are with their Dad

I’ve been getting more and more sad about my middle child hopefully starting pre-school in September. I know her days will almost match her nursery days but it’s a milestone. She’s on her way to school. My baby boy was settling in so well with his minder but it’s still a wrench to leave him. Covid-19 has meant, I’m back to work and the kids stay with their Dad. Plus we lose all the stress of hectic mornings and drop off for a good while!! Every cloud eh?

Family time

Although I’m going pretty insane, especially at the weekends, when will we ever get this family time back? We will probably return to normal and miss it!  I know I’ll cherish the moments laughing and bouncing on the trampoline or playing football in the woods.

me and daughter positive during lockdown

I’ve re-kindled my dancing love

I’ve joined Tik Tok, like some middle-aged loser and am LOVING it. Mainly for the dancing routines I can learn and record. I used to dance before I got pregnant with the gremlin and I think I may go back to something when this is all over!

The weather

Well we can’t moan that the end of March and April was bad weather!  It may have been cool on some days but we have had tonnes of sunshine, BBQs and my little man has discovered the joys of being outside. The slide, the trampoline and playing in the gravel! I can’t imagine what it would have been like with the storms of February.

I started journaling

I knew I wanted to keep a diary of what was going on during lockdown and scrapbooking seemed like it would take too much time, so a perfect compromise was using some of my scrapbooking supplies to journal about the pandemic. It’s a creative outlet but also will be a fab memory for the future

journalling through lockdown

We are totally in a period of unknown and we don’t know how long lockdown will last and when any form of normality will return.

For me, not being strong and taking the positives from life right now would be unthinkable. I couldn’t function and live with some sort of happiness.

So this is me seeing the positive during lockdown.

What are yours?

see the positive during lockdown


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  1. April 19, 2020 / 1:32 pm

    Thanks for sharing this, you’ve inspired me to write down some of our positives too. It’s not always easy at the moment but it’s not always terrible either and there are definitely plenty of positives. Glad you guys are keeping well xxx