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No Strings Dating During Lockdown – What Will Change? | AD

No Strings Dating During Lockdown – What Will Change? | AD

Lockdown has turned the world upside down. Nothing feels the same. Even though things are slightly starting to change and there are some small hints of life going back to normal, we have a long way to go. Now people who live alone are allowed to bubble with another family. This is good for single parents, those who live alone and for those who have not seen their significant others for a long time. Company and the human touch can go a long way in improving someone’s mental health and general well-being. Humans do not do very well alone and apart from the people we love and lockdown has really proved that. But what about dating and people who enjoy a bit of fun? Some people are not in long-term relationships. Some people are enjoying dating, looking for someone and for others they are looking for some no strings fun and browsing somewhere like  is the perfect place to find someone who is like minded. However during lockdown, where if you live alone, you can bubble with one other person or family, how is a sex dating site really going to work?

Well, like most aspects of life during lockdown, we have to adapt. We have to change the way we think and act, so we can keep safe but yet still enjoy life!

This is going to be the same for no strings dating. At present, meeting multiple people over small time people is not allowed and may not be for a while, so people are going to have to get creative.

This takes me back to when my husband and I have done a long distance relationship. In the early days, we used to speak online (before we even got together) and during the first years, we lived across the country from each other. It is very easy to keep the spark alive and this can be the same when dating, with fun in mind:

– Obviously when you first “meet”, this being virtual, you may feel comfy just chatting via messaging and possibly pictures. Of course it is important take care of yourself but you can have a lot of fun with sex texting before feeling more comfortable on the phone or face-to-face.

– You may move into the phone when feeling more comfortable to chat where it can be a lot more exciting to hear a voice, get to know each other more.

– Finally you may want to meet face-to-face online. You are pretty much able to do anything you like apart from touch each other. You may fancy having a meal or drink online together first or happy just to hook-up online. This may include dressing up, role play or whatever takes your fancy.

Dating isn’t going to be what it usually is like for a long time, as social distancing is enforced and we continue to live with the pandemic across the World. But we adapt, we learn to live with new challenges and online dating will do the same.

There are lots of ways to have fun with modern technology. You just have to use your imagination!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.

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