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Karndean – The Revolutionary Step

Karndean – The Revolutionary Step

Revolution is one of those words that gets tossed about to explain anything that goes against the considered norm. 

People usually picture something along the lines of an uprising upon hearing the word but it also has a meaning of a step up in the evolution of something. The word revolution has been used to describe a particular brand of luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) in Karndean.

But what is so revolutionary to have this word tagged to this particular flooring option?

For starters, Karndean has been in the business of flooring for over 40 years providing luxury vinyl tiles and planks. In that time they have outlasted and pushed ahead of many domestic and commercial flooring options such as lino and advanced on their most common pro’s and con’s to develop the ultimate in comfort, style and lifespan.

As a natural looking and feeling replacement for real wood flooring, Karndean holds its place as a brand with natural designs inspired by wood without the disadvantages of the real thing. You won’t be experiencing any middle of the night splinters or rotting wood by pursuing the vinyl option, and Karndean’s planks offer natural colours in multiple tones and shades perfectly replicating the knot and grain and avoiding the discoloration real wood can experience.

Karndean has spent extensive years to become the most hygienic choice in the vinyl marketplace and incredibly easy to clean and maintain. With its protective PU coating it prevents germs, bacteria and dirt from getting through cracks to your floor with the non-porous properties to make your floor fully durable. Spillages can be simply wiped up and not leave any trace of incident within seconds, not leaving you on your hands and knees scrubbing at the floor.

Karndean also has an enhanced surface treatment that protects so much against scratches, leaks wear and tear and requires no sanding out or treatments to repair. The designs are specifically modelled to handle heavy objects such as furniture or machines and even those high heels that can potentially scratch a floor. In instances where damage does happen, Karndean tiles and planks are so easy to individually remove and replace that it doesn’t disrupt large sections of your floor.

With all those elements in play, the only problem that does come along is exactly which design, colour and palette is for you. The incredible popular Da Vinci range is as revolutionary as the name suggests and boasts delectable designs from as little as £15.99 spm. Truly a remarkable price for a remarkable product, Karndean brings about a revolution in luxury wood style vinyl flooring.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.