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Virtual Nannies And The Kitchen Classroom

Virtual Nannies And The Kitchen Classroom

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

How Parents Are Adapting During The Pandemic

Childcare is changing. In fact, everything appears to be changing. Life has really taken a turn for the strange during the last year, and as usual, parents are having to adapt and innovate to raise their children. The amazing resilience of parents and children and the wonderful bonds that they can form together in difficult times never fails to inspire. Here are some of the ways that parenting and childcare have changed during this past year.

Childcare And Technology

Technology – specifically the internet – has completely changed the way we find childcare solutions. Here are a couple of ways in which modern networked technology has helped parents recently.

The Directory

Traditionally, parents would find childcare by visiting local nurseries or holding interviews for hopeful nannies or babysitters. Of course, this is no longer possible. Even though childcare is essential, it is not safe to visit lots of different locations or invite people into your home. Recently, however, childcare directories that match up your needs with the right care providers have become commonplace. These directories can help you save money and allow you to compare offers and credentials without leaving the safety of the home.

The Virtual Nanny

The rise of video conferencing tools during the pandemic has led to all sorts of social and interpersonal developments. One area where video conferencing technology has been utilized is childcare. Parents can now employ the services of virtual nannies whilst they get on with work. These nannies communicate with, entertain and give lessons to kids sat at home. The digital literacy of very young children is startling. They might be more comfortable on zoom than most parents! Tech companies are getting in on the act: developing apps that connect parents with qualified childcare professionals online.

Parents Taking On New Challenges

Working From Home (With A Child In The House)

More than ever, parents have to balance a working day with childcare. This can lead to some unfortunate instances where the two duties merge unexpectedly. Children interrupting work Zoom calls has become a regular occurrence for many working parents. Parents are learning to make time for their children while they work, and employers have to adapt to be more tolerant towards this. Some commentators have argued that this is a welcome shakeup.

The Kitchen Classroom

Homeschooling used to be a rarity. It used to be something parents could opt into if they felt dissatisfied with the school system or had a particular religious or ethical objection to group schooling. Now parents of all kinds are having their hands forced. With schools largely closed to students unless they are the children of key workers, parents have to negotiate a new role: curriculum-bound teacher.

It can be a real challenge for parents who have never taught their children before. Luckily, plenty of people have had great success and have been sharing their tips. The BBC has also been producing educational programming to help lighten the load on parents. This programming has been receiving some high praise from workout mums and dads around the country.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.