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Autumn Hair Extension Styles

Autumn Hair Extension Styles

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

As the seasons alter after every few months, so does the state of our hair. When you begin to take out a different set of clothes for the fall, your hair also requires an immediate update to match the cooler atmosphere.

In summer, you tend to keep your hair tied up  due to the overwhelming weather and environment. There isn’t much choice of clothing variety in the summer either. But, in fall and winter, you should wear clothes and additional accessories like hair extensions by Cliphair that compliment your skin tone and illustrate an artistic look.

If the idea of styling your hair has you worrying this fall, here are some hair extension styles that you can embrace with this arriving new season.

Braids, Braids, Braids

It goes unsaid that braids are for all seasons. They give off such a captivating and elegant look to your face. Although one thing to keep in mind before trying braid extensions is the texture of your hair. It is damaging for your hair to cling to something heavy. Hence, if you want to apply braids, you can use more minor extensions or wigs that don’t hurt your natural hair.

Braids come in different shapes and with multiple accessories. In 2021, there has been a trend of using longer braids extensions, preferably in black hair colour. The makers also style these braids with small pins, ponies and additional beads to make them look as classy as possible.

Curly Hair With Volume

Curly hair extensions are always gorgeous. You can apply them in any colour and ace it. The key to curly hair extension is magnitude. The more volume your extension has, the better. Once you try these extensions, you’ll fall in love with them instantly. You try to match different colours with your naturally curly hair. It’ll enhance your whole hair look.

People most commonly use these extensions in the hair colour brown or lack. You can also try different hairstyles and use multiple accessories like a bandana to compliment your hair. You can apply a lot of other techniques and products to style and maintain curly hair extensions.

Ginger Wavy Hair

If you’re looking for your new fall-favourite, then it just may be the ginger wavy hair. There is nothing classier and more complimenting than the ginger colour on any skin tone. You can try ginger hair extensions in smaller lengths. Wavy hair with a smaller volume is easier to carry in chilly weather as well.

There are variations to this colour, it may appear copper or orange, but that just makes it look even better. You can straighten out your extensions whenever you like. Apart from the appealing look of wavy hair, it’s easier to handle it over layers of clothing.

It also supports any colour of the dress you try on. Not to mention, makeup looks appealing on this hair colour unlike any other. You always have the choice of styling in a loose pony or anything else.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.