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Dream Seekers Dolls – REVIEW | AD

Dream Seeker Doll Zara on girl's lap

My entire brood are huge fans of dolls. They love them and we can have some lovely imaginary games played together, or a lot of fighting!! My girl love making up stories, undressing and redressing their dolls and they can spend a lot of time playing together when they make up a good game! I knew my girls would adore these new Dream Seekers Dolls that we were kindly sent to review.

dream seeker doll Zara in the box

What Are Dream Seekers Dolls?

Dream Seekers Dolls are “Ragdoll” inspired fairies and they have lovely soft material bodies and long arms and legs. This is what I really liked about these dolls; they reminded me of a ragdoll I had as a child, called Holly.

You can pose your doll in the Magical Dream Catcher and there is also a special place to write your own dreams. The Dream Seeker will keep this safe and hope it will come true!

message card

Dream Seeker Doll Zara in the box

I knew my girls would be thrilled as these dolls come with removable outfits and beautiful wings.

There are 4 Dream Seekers to collect and new to the autumn winter collections is Dream Seeker Zara which we were sent! The dolls have deep rooted long hair and individually designed hair ribbons, with faces highly detailed and full of expression.

Each Dream Seeker has a Dream Mark on their wrist which represents the doll’s personality and the dream they seek.

These dolls are available from Smyths Toys and they retail at £19.99. They are aimed at children aged 5 years and over. Available dolls are Luna, Bella, Hope and Zara.

Dream Seeker Logo

Dream Seeker Doll Zara

My girls were lucky to receive Dream Seeker Doll Zara.

As taken from online:

“Zara is a free spirit, she believes and dreams that everyone has the freedom to be their own kind of beautiful. Her magical outfit reflects this in its delicate floral design and butterfly motifs. Her layered purple skirt has a light flower and leaf pattern, perfect for attracting the butterflies she adores. Her skirt is removable along with her gorgeous matching purple heels with butterfly straps. With her beautiful holographic butterfly wings, this Dream Seeker can soar as free as her spirit!”

Unboxing Zara

This Dream Seeker Doll looked lovely in her Dream Catcher and both my girls were keen to get her out, even my Middley who loves her Superheroes more usually.

two sisters holding Dream Seeker Zara in the box

She was easy to get out of the box with a little help from me and some scissors and we revealed a special place for the girls to write a wish for Zara to keep safe.

She was really pretty with lovely shiny wings, long hair and I liked how soft her body was. As mentioned, I have a bit of a soft spot for Ragdolls, as they are more cuddly.

wings on dream seeker doll

The girls immediately started playing with her (and not fighting) which was great.

She has lovely shoes too!

dream seekers dolls purple shoes

Overall Thoughts

The Dream Catcher range is lovely. It makes a change to have cute, soft dolls for young children. My girls have a lot of dolls where appearance, clothes, fashion and make-up are the focus and it nice to step away from this sometimes and have a cuddly doll with a lovely message.

The girls were enraptured and thought Zara was lovely; her hair was so soft and long and she has a pretty face with big eyes.

The doll is soft and can be snuggled with and taken to bed. It is also very easy to pose and sit.

The girls liked brushing her hair and using the included clips to style it. They also used their own hair bands to style and tie up Zara’s hair.

girl with Dream Seekers Dolls Zara

Price-wise she is actually cheaper than some of the other dolls we have recently bought for my girls’ birthdays but she does perhaps come with slightly less accessories. Therefore I would say the range is competitively priced.

Like many dolls I would say she needs taking care of and her hair keeping brushed and tangle-free, as it is very long. Both my girls are not that brilliant at doing this, so do bear in mind.

Overall Dream Seekers Dolls are vibrant, soft, lovely dolls. They make a refreshing change to some of the other styles my kids have and would make a lovely gift.

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



  1. October 11, 2021 / 7:37 pm

    These are so cute. Love the purple hair. I would totally have wanted one of these as a kid.

  2. October 14, 2021 / 6:23 am

    These doll look super cute! They will make the perfect give this Christmas

  3. October 15, 2021 / 12:05 am

    These dolls sound really lovely that they have a kind message to them as well. Perfect Christmas present

    Laura x