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How To Establish And Maintain A Balanced Routine When You Get A New Pet

How To Establish And Maintain A Balanced Routine When You Get A New Pet

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

As a parent to a pet or children, it can be difficult to establish and maintain a good morning routine, or an evening one for that matter. Your lifestyle changes when you are responsible for more people than just yourself. It can be challenging to keep up with chores, work, and hobbies. 

However, should you want to add a pet to your life and still maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, don’t let the hard work put you off. With a few simple tricks up your sleeve, you can balance your home and life commitments. 

Here are the best tips to help you establish and maintain a balanced lifestyle when you get a new pet.

Train them straight away

You should train them immediately when you get a new pet, whether a dog or a rabbit. Doing so will ensure they know the rules, how to behave, and be obedient. Starting early will make your life a lot easier in the long run. 

For instance, you might get your children a puppy. You will love this puppy, too, and likely want your children to spend more playtime with it than you do because you have other things to get on with. As much as you will want the puppy to have fun, it also needs to behave. Therefore, you should seek online tips on training your new puppy to be obedient and well-behaved. 

This website shares the best puppy training tips to learn without investing in a puppy trainer. Learning a few tricks yourself can soon have you teaching your new puppy to be obedient and well-behaved. 

Establish feeding times

Like humans, pets need feeding routinely. They might not need three strict meals daily like many humans to maintain energy and fight fatigue. But they will require feeding routinely. 

Establishing feeding times when they are young will ensure they know when they will eat and help them grow strong and healthy. Creating any kind of routine for a pet is good as it will enhance their obedience and attitude.

Toilet time

Toilet training will vary on the animal. Some will know how to care for their toilet needs without training. However, animals like dogs will require some teaching. 

Therefore, setting up a potty and toilet routine when your pet arrives home is a good idea. They might take some time to get used to asking for the toilet. Hence, you should leave pads in the house in emergencies. However, the sooner you teach them about toilet time, the easier your life will be. You will spend less time cleaning up and more time being able to pet them or do things for yourself.

Sleeping patterns

It is important to reiterate that routine is good for any animal. Sleep is something to be strict about when your pet arrives home. If you teach them how to sleep and when it is time to sleep, you might help your own sleeping pattern. 

Therefore, get them into a sleep routine as soon as possible to help your own tiredness. 

Let them know when it is time to play

All young animals will be playful. As time goes on, they will learn when it is ok and not ok to demand playtime. Although you might want to give your pet a lot of love, play time, and attention, it can eat up your own time. It could hinder your balance and not allow you to get your own things done. Plus, it will not teach them how to behave well when you need to get on with things. 

Therefore, you should establish a playtime ritual so they know when it is ok to play. This will ensure you get time for yourself, and they get time to play. It is important to set time aside for playtime. A lack of attention and entertainment can affect your pet’s mental health. They need social interaction as much as humans, which they can attain through playtime. 

Get vaccinated 

Getting your new pet vaccinated is an optimal part of routine care. Without vaccinations, they might be susceptible to illness. If your pet gets ill, it might make your life a lot more complicated. You might not be able to go to work as you need to care for them 24/7. 

Therefore, ensuring your pet their vaccinations as soon as you pick them up will ensure they are safe and protected, making them less vulnerable to getting ill.

Combining routines to maximize your own time

To enhance and maximize your personal time, it can be clever to combine your pet’s routines. For instance, if you are currently spacing out wake-up time, walking, playtime, feeding, and toilet time throughout the morning, you could hinder your own routine. If you combine a few things – such as a walk with playtime and feeding time with toilet time, you will maximize your time by speeding up the process by which your pet does these routines. 

Your pet will be okay with combining their routines. It might make it a lot easier for you and the pet as chores will be merged instead of sporadic ones.

House rules

If you do not initiate house rules when your new pet arrives home, you may hinder your own sanity. You must tell your new cat or dog that they cannot jump and climb on the furniture to avoid ending up with damaged goods. These can cost time and money to fix. 

Therefore, establishing house rules from the get-go will ensure that your life is much easier and your house isn’t ruined. Rules will vary depending on a person’s preferences. Setting your own rules will ensure your pet abides by your preferences.

Exercise matters

Not all pets will need to take on walks. For instance, your budgie or hamster will not need to walk outside. Yet, all pets need exercise to stay fit and healthy. Ensuring your pet gets exercise will ensure they maintain good health. 

If you have a hamster, add climbing frames and a hamster wheel to their cage so they can move around and run. If you have a new puppy, ensure to take them in the garden when they are young. As soon as they are fit and old enough to go outside, take them on walks to stretch their legs and ensure they get enough exercise for their size and breed.

Hygiene routines

Taking care of your pet also involves establishing a hygiene routine. Some animals clean themselves. However, you should still intervene and check up on their health and hygiene to ensure it is as good as possible.

For those animals that require you to handle their hygiene, ensure to do so. A lack of hygiene can hinder their health. 

For instance, if you lack an oral cleaning routine for your cat, they might experience a gum issue. Hence, ensure to check their mouths regularly and perform a hygiene routine to maximize their oral health. 

Hygiene is important and ensuring you do not miss out on the standard hygiene routines will ensure your pet is healthy, which makes your life a lot easier. Taking your pet for a checkup with the vet will also maximize their health and reduce the risk of you needing to spend a lot of time and money fixing their health issues.

Following these tips and rules will ensure your new pet is happy, healthy, and honorable so that you can maintain your own lifestyle balance.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.