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Princess power: Creating a Bedroom Fit for Royalty

Princess power: Creating a Bedroom Fit for Royalty

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

When your little girl loves everything to do with princesses, you may often find yourself buying her dolls, makeup, and jewellery to do with her passion. While this can be fun, you could choose to do something a little more extreme. Transforming her bedroom into a suite fit for a princess could be incredibly exciting. This could also be something that you’re able to do yourself, which could better fit those on a budget. 

Add some coloured lighting

Putting lighting around her drawers, dressing table, or even bed frame could allow her to feel like she lives in a fairy-tale castle. To do so, you might want to think about looking at a range of LED tape lights to see which size best suits your project. You may also like RGB LED Strip Lights as another option. Due to the LED components, they may be able to change colour. For a little girl who would love to be a Barbie princess, altering these to give off a pink glow could be fun. These can be installed relatively easily, even when used up high. This means that, for younger children, you may not need to worry about them being touched or played with. Parents could also keep hold of any remote controls that come with them, so that the lighting can’t be altered after bedtime.

Change the colour scheme

Painting the walls of your daughter’s bedroom can also help it to fit in more with the princess theme. You may want to create a colour scheme, rather than using the same shade across the entire room. This can help to create some depth, and even keep it looking stylish as she ages. This means that, even if she grows out of the princess genre, she may still appreciate the colours used in years to come. The benefit for you can be that you don’t need to keep repainting the room as she reaches the next stage of her life.

Craft a canopy

One of the main features that your daughter may have noticed in princess movies may be the bed that features a draping canopy. In some instances, this could also be pulled right around the bed for privacy or warmth. Depending on how good you are at crafting, you may be able to make a simple canopy for your daughter’s bed, which may not cost a lot of money. Using a material of choice, you could simply hang it on a ceiling hook. Alternatively, you could use a ring or even frame to give it more of a style over her bed. When doing so, it can be important to ensure that there are no loose, dangling parts, and nothing can get caught, to prevent injury from occurring.

Even though you may not live in a magical castle, you may still want your daughter to feel like a princess. Rather than asking a fairy godmother for help, your daughter could be given a beautiful princess bedroom through the ingenuity of her loving parents. 

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.