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3 Trends to Consider When Planning a Kitchen Renovation This Spring

3 Trends to Consider When Planning a Kitchen Renovation This Spring

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home (or should it be the stomach?). Therefore, when it’s time to refresh, you want to ensure it’s carried out to the best standard possible and reflects your creative vision. But, if you’re not in tune with your inner interior designer, how do you create a kitchen that is practical and aesthetically pleasing? 

The answer is trends. Checking out the latest trends gives you an idea of where to start and allows you to draw inspiration from people who have already gone through the renovation process. So, if you’re looking for a spark of inspiration, we’ve outlined several trends you should consider when planning a kitchen renovation this spring below: 

Floating Shelving 

Often the kitchen becomes the number one area for the family to congregate, catch up, gossip, and laugh with each other. Due to this, you want a room that is inviting, light, and airy to reflect the light-hearted nature the room will be used for. So, what better way to create the illusion of an open space than by using floating shelving? 

Unlike traditional shelves, floating shelves make the room look airer because it eliminates the need for kitchen cabinets, creating the illusion of more wall space. However, you will have to find a temporary spot to store everything you will display on them while the shelves are being built, which can be challenging for homeowners with cramped kitchens. 

If you’re in a similar situation, you could consider enlisting the services of personal storage providers like Safestore, which enable homeowners to store items over a fixed period. Doing so will ensure that any bits and bobs are kept out of your way, while the renovation is being completed and prevent your house from looking messier than it already is!

Creative Splashbacks 

No one goes into a kitchen renovation project filled with excitement over the prospect of updating their splashback. However, recently emerging trends have given this typically ‘boring’ kitchen accessory a well-needed makeover, making choosing a new one more exciting for kitchen renovators. 

Long gone are the boring, one-colour-fits-all ceramic splashbacks that used to adorn the kitchens of our youth; in their place are ones filled with patterns, textures, designs etc., which helps turn this area of your kitchen into more of a focal point. 

As well as experimenting with the aesthetics of your new splashback, you can also play around with its positioning. Perhaps, you don’t want it to be carried up to the bottoms of your kitchen cabinets and would prefer it to be more stylised, with rounded-off curves or finishes that turn it into more of a decoration than a practical feature. 

Update Your Sink/Taps 

Currently, in modern kitchens, we’re seeing the rise of supersized sinks. Even though washing up by hand is more or less a thing of the past, thanks to dishwashers, many homeowners are attracted to a larger basin than a smaller one since there are still items that aren’t dishwasher safe, like non-stick frying pans that are fiddly to wash in smaller basins. 

Often, these supersized sinks are equipped with some of the best-boiling water taps, typically in a brassier colour, because as a generation, we’ve become used to everything on demand; why not boiling water as well?  

More and more UK professionals working from home have spurred on this trend, meaning the demand for hot water has reached a fever pitch. We don’t want to waste the precious minutes of our lunch break waiting around for the kettle to boil; we want to make a cup of tea/coffee instantly so that we can enjoy the remaining few minutes without a fuss.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.