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Updating Your Rental Property Ready For New Tenants To Arrive With These Top Tips

Updating Your Rental Property Ready For New Tenants To Arrive With These Top Tips

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

After one tenant moves out, finding a replacement is the target for landlords. Being a landlord comes with many challenges to navigate around and overcome. After finding solutions to navigate their way around these obstacles, landlords have to implement measures to help new tenants feel comfortable in the property.

When a new tenant is secured, ensuring the property is in good condition is necessary. Updating the property should occur as soon as the previous tenant has handed in their keys.

Before your new tenants arrive, here are a few tips to consider on updating your rental property.

Look For Any Damages

After the keys have been returned, plan a visit to the property. Take a look at its current state and look for any damages. Your previous tenants might have highlighted some faults you might spot on your inspection, but there might be issues they did not spot or inform you about. Of course, any damages to the property could impact the deposit. It is worth keeping these in mind when inspecting the property. Make a note of any issues or damages that need to be resolved before your new tenants arrive. If you spot any issues, ensure that you set time aside as soon as possible to resolve these problems.

Check The Roof

Avoid limiting your inspection to just rooms and interiors of the property. Conduct a thorough check, looking at the electrics to ensure they are up-to-date and there are no faults. Additionally, you might use this time between tenants to have the roofed checked. Spend time looking for a local roofer to check the roof for issues and to complete any work that needs doing to ensure the roof is in peak condition. With the help of sites like MyBuilder, you can find roofers near you to come and complete the work.

Undergo A Deep Clean

Without question, once all checks for damages and faults have been completed, the property should undergo a deep clean. The former tenants might have left the property fairly clean and tidy. Some could leave it looking a little worse for wear. Regardless, you do not want your new tenants to walk into their new home, which has not been properly cleaned for a considerable amount of time. Organise a date for a deep clean as soon as you can. You can choose to do the deep clean yourself to help save money, or you could invest in a professional to complete the job – helping you save time.

Making any of these changes could help to make a positive first impression with your new tenants. After the previous tenants have moved out, update the locks and invest in new keys for yourself and the new tenants. Be warm and welcoming as you tour them around their new home, and highlight that they can contact you with any concerns. This combination of care and attention will help to establish a good partnership between you and your tenants.

Disclosure this is a collaborative post.