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Family Fun in Dubai: Minivan and SUV Rentals for Your Vacation

Family Fun in Dubai: Minivan and SUV Rentals for Your Vacation

Disclosure – this is collaborative post.

Traveling around Dubai with your family can be quite stressful, as there are significant problems with traffic, parking, and other infrastructure complexities. When renting a car, many issues with parking and finding a place to leave the car fade into the background. You can rent a car from specialized organizations and see the advantages of this solution. This will also help many who cannot decide between a minivan sedan and an SUV.

Important factors for renting a car and driver requirements

Number of passengers

If you are traveling in a small group of 2-3 people and do not have a lot of things, then a sedan is suitable here. Otherwise, you should choose an SUV car rental in Dubai, as it has more spaciousness. This is especially useful if you have a lot of luggage. Plus, if there are more than five of you, then you’ll need a minivan.

Travel location

When traveling around Dubai you have to deal with different road surfaces and even desert areas. It’s hard to imagine traveling through the desert without an SUV or minivan. If the trips are exclusively within the city, then the sedan will become a more convenient and affordable option.

Fuel consumption

An SUV consumes more fuel than a sedan, both outside the city and when traveling on normal roads. The minivan is also quite inefficient in fuel consumption, but you can go anywhere with it. Moreover, when renting such cars for several companies, the rental amount can be divided among all – it turns out to be very profitable. The minivan will be very comfortable with small children who can be put to bed, and there will also be plenty of space for them to play.

Rental requirements

  1. Age and driving experience. Generally, the minimum age to rent an SUV is 21 years old.
  2. Driving experience. Many agencies require that the driver have at least two years of experience.
  3. You need to have your international license with you.

Pros of renting

What are the advantages of renting an SUV or minivan in Dubai when you are traveling with a family? We will name the most important.

  • Freedom of movement. The SUV and minivan allow you to travel around Dubai and its surroundings, including desert areas, without restrictions.
  • Comfort and safety. High comfort inside the cabin and safety on the roads are the advantages provided by renting an SUV and minivan.
  • Nature exploration. The SUV allows you to immerse yourself in the unique natural landscapes that surround Dubai. And you can even spend the night in a minivan.

How to choose the right car?

Machine type

Figure out what type of SUV you need: a large family SUV or a sporty crossover for active adventures. For greater comfort or large groups, it is better to use a minivan.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.