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Monthly Car Rentals in the UAE: Cost-Effective Long-Term Solutions

Monthly Car Rentals in the UAE: Cost-Effective Long-Term Solutions

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Renting a car for a long time has recently become very popular. There are several reasons for this, including a quick registration procedure, a large fleet of vehicles, and the ability to choose the necessary vehicle depending on the purpose of its use and financial capabilities.

What is a long-term car rental?

Long-term car rental is an increasingly popular form of rental, which involves providing the customer with an exclusive car of a specific brand of his choice in exchange for a monthly fee. It is often chosen by companies because they want to rent a car for employees due to the nature of their work. Of course, you can get a car for a shorter period with maximum rent a car, however, a long-term period is more profitable. An example of a short-term car rental is the popular airport car rental. This type of transport has more and more supporters, as it is a more economical alternative to traditional taxis.

Advantages of renting a car for a long time

The rent includes the cost of insurance, maintenance, and repair work. As a driver, in full compliance with the terms of the contract, you transfer a set amount to the company’s account every month and do not worry about anything else. All issues related to the maintenance and repair of the car are dealt with by the company. The same applies to communication with the insurance provider, including in the event of an insured event.

Another advantage includes the opportunity for a car replacement. If some repair work is required during operation, the company will provide another car for use, i.e. you will still be able to be behind the wheel.

The payment schedule is drawn up taking into account your wishes as a driver. The date of depositing money and the amount of payment are fixed if all terms of the contract are fully met. 

Drivers get to use exactly the car they need. Even if the required vehicle is not in the company’s fleet, its representatives will search for the required model of the car.

The procedure is quite simple and does not require lengthy registration or collection of a large number of documents. The main thing is having a license to drive a vehicle.

Additional advantages of a monthly rental, which may depend on the rental salon:

  • During the rental period (if specified in the contract), you can replace the car with another one.
  • The company, for a nominal fee (and sometimes free of charge), can equip the salon with additional accessories, for example, a child seat. This is a great option for families with small children.
  • To attract customers, rental agencies often hold promotions and develop a system of discounts and loyalty programs. You will need to monitor the news on the official websites of car rental companies to seize such an opportunity.

Subtleties of long-term rental

The rental price depends on several factors:

  • car make and model;
  • the age and condition of the car, its current value;
  • rental period;
  • purposes and activity of using the vehicle;
  • geography of movement, etc.

You need to keep in mind that sometimes this type of vehicle rental involves additional fees. This is usually a fee for the kilometers the driver travels over a month. These conditions are agreed upon in advance, so they are not a surprise. There are also time restrictions on movement during the day, for example, you cannot use a vehicle at night. 

In general, it can be noted that long-term rental in Dubai relieves the drivers of many problems that exist when using their own cars. So, the only additional investment of money is refueling. However, during the operation of the machine, you must be extremely careful and comply with all the terms of the contract.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.