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Family fun: Why sport participation as a family is a good thing

Family fun: Why sport participation as a family is a good thing

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Families are often made up of different personalities. After all, the saying goes that no two children are the same, and it’s true. Where your oldest child might love computer games, your youngest might be a bookworm. Celebrating these differences can help to make your kids feel valued – something that’s not always easy.

But as a family, it can be lovely to have something that unites you all. A common interest that brings you together. And sport brings people together. From team sports like football to one-on-one events like tennis, there’s something special about playing a game with your family.

If you think your kids would like to join in with some sports, it’s worth considering the benefits of trying some out as a family. Here, we take a look at what it is that makes sport participation such a good thing for families to become involved in.


Sport is entertaining. From wearing your favourite player’s shirt on matchday to gathering around the TV to watch world-class athletes at the Olympics, we get to enjoy sports together.

Participating in a game is even more entertaining. Practising penalty shootouts, going for a walk, or cycling around your local area as a family is a fun way to spend time together.


Sport in a family can build traditions. The annual bike ride to the coast or the family walking holiday can quickly become part of your family life. You might want to make this something you all do every year or have regular trips to the nearby playing field during the summer months so you can play football or throw a frisbee.

Traditions like this can make lasting memories for children. They might look back fondly at days spent with their parents as the ran around after a ball.


As well as creating memories, sport is a healthy past time. By building sports and exercise into your family routine, you’re likely to see the health benefits, whether you play a game of tennis or a round of cricket.

There’s been a surge in girls playing football as women’s football sees more coverage on TV, while we’re seeing other sports like netball become more mainstream. This can help to inspire families to pick up sports as an activity to try.


There’s camaraderie that comes with following a team or sportsperson. If you’re regularly playing football or seen at the local swimming pool, you’ll find that you meet new people and could make friends through joining in. Sport creates a social calendar and opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.