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Planning a Staycation for Your Foster Children: 5 Useful Tips

Planning a Staycation for Your Foster Children: 5 Useful Tips

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

A staycation can be a great way to give your foster children a fun holiday experience without breaking the bank. Staying local allows you to enjoy quality time together while still providing your foster children with a sense of adventure and escape. With some thoughtful planning, you can create wonderful memories on a staycation right at home.

1. Involve Your Foster Children in the Planning Process

Get your foster kids excited about the upcoming staycation by involving them from the very start. Ask them what activities they’d enjoy doing and places they’d like to visit nearby. Do they love animals? A trip to a local farm or zoo could be fun. Are they active and adventurous? Plan a day hike or bike ride. Getting their input will help make it a trip they truly look forward to. Crafting an itinerary together also gives them a sense of ownership over the experience.

2. Mix Up Accommodation Styles

To make a staycation truly feel like a getaway, consider changing up where you stay overnight. Pitch a tent in the garden for an outdoor camping adventure. Have the kids invite friends over for an indoor sleepover complete with movies, games and popcorn. Or book an Airbnb home for a night or two to enjoy amenities like a pool or games room. Varying the accommodation enhances the sense of novelty and excitement.

3. Budget for Special Outings and Treats

Allocate some funds from your fostering allwance from, to let the kids enjoy special activities or treats they don’t get to have every day. For example, you could take them mini golfing, paddle boating, or to an amusement park. Or give them each £10-15 to spend on souvenirs they’ll remember from their staycation. With a little budgeting, you can make it extra special without breaking the bank.

4. Cook Together as a Family

Make meals part of the fun by cooking as a family. Task younger kids with mixing ingredients or setting the table. Teach older children how to chop veggies or follow a simple recipe. Pack a picnic and eat outdoors at a park. Not only does this create bonding time, but it also gives kids valuable life skills. End the day with an ice cream or cookies you baked together.

5. Unplug and Focus on Bonding

One of the biggest perks of a staycation is being able to truly focus quality time together as a family. Make the most of it by limiting screen time and creating space for conversations, games, reading and other activities you may not make time for at home. With phones and devices set aside for chunks of the day, you can deepen your relationship in meaningful ways.

With some upfront planning and creativity, a staycation right at home can be an incredibly rewarding experience for your foster family. Most importantly, it provides the gift of time together making happy memories. Implementing these tips will help ensure your foster children treasure this special time with you.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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