There are times when I wonder how my gremlin has coped and survived with me as a Mother. I’m not saying I’m intervention awful or anything but there are some things I am just completely oblivious to.  These are things, I’m sure to others, are a standard part and parcel of parenthood but for me they never entered my head. I’m pretty laid back most of the time (slightly lazy now and then) and often need a nudge.

Many a time I will have been prompted by my Mum or noticed another child. The familar “oops” feeling enters my head or the “what, seriously?”

Cue the Mum guilt, big time!!

This is what I’m talking about:

  1. Ear protectors for my children for the loud music a DJ or band will be playing. I was merrily bopping away with my hubby at my bro’s wedding with my gremlin chucking confetti all over herself on the floor. The music was probably around 100 decibels(!). I never even considered potential ear perforation until another guest danced around with her younger baby wearing a pair of protector headphones.  S**t, I muttered into hubby’s ear, why didn’t I ever THINK about that???
  2. Vests. Not the baby popping ones. Big girl vests. Every sodding time since the end of August my Mum has lifted up my gremlin’s top and asked where the vest is. Fair dos. Little ones get colder than we do but again never even entered my head. Really vests? Does she need long johns? (Mum bought her a pack in the end!).
  3. A heater for her room. The first year after the gremlin was born we had a cold winter. Her room unfortunately has two external walls and we noticed when she came in to be fed her hands were freezing. Don’t get me wrong she had about 4 layers on her and the rest of her was toasty but when some of my NCT friends talked about the room never getting lower than 20 degrees, I didn’t dare mention the 14 degrees registering that morning!!!!
  4. Covering the plug sockets. From a very early age we just told the gremlin “No” she didn’t touch the plugs. Occasionally we have had to tell her when she has tried to flick the switch but all in all, she did as she was told. So we never covered them up,  but I did get a bit of nagging from the mother.
  5. Putting fashion over function. I felt pretty bad about this one. I put my gremlin in her gorgeous fake Uggs when we met up with friends at a National Trust place fairly recently. I noticed, as she ploughed trough wet grass, that they looked a little wet. It was only when I went to change her nappy that I her feet were soaked! Luckily my friend had some spare socks and wellies. Oops!  In future put function first Mummy! Worst thing was the gremlin never said a word about it.

These aren’t awful things but as Mum’s you always compare yourself. Why didn’t I think of that? What is wrong with me?  I guess it is just another of the many learning curves on the joyous road called parenting.

And then the fun began...