Eating out with a Toddler – 7 Tips to Survive

Eating out was and still is one of my favourite things to do. Yummy food, a glass of vino and no washing up. I’d be warned by several friends to eat out as much as… View Post

When’s the right time to have another baby?

When is the right time to have another baby ? There is no definite answer. Well that was easy. Post over. No jesting aside this is question that I think I talk about several times a… View Post

My Top 5 Body Pump Fails

I lovvvve Body Pump and I have been going for a good few years (apart from when I hurt my knee and I did have a 2 year break!). For anyone who doesn’t know (and… View Post

The 8 Most Stupid Kid Strops

My word of the week is stroppy. My daughter is stroppy. This is probably a good thing as had a poorly girl last week and she is back to her usual self. I’m sure it’s… View Post

My Child Won’t Eat – What Do You Do?

One of the worst things about being a parent is when my child won’t eat. In fact for me, it’s my worst thing. I can’t moan too much I guess, as when she’s unwell or… View Post

Am I Too Old For?

I turned 30 in November last year. I actually didn’t feel too bad (apart from the little cry I had in the morning when I opened my presents). It’s just a number. I feel no different.… View Post

Knee Arthroscopy for a Meniscal Tear – One Year On

Time flies…really it does. It is almost a year ago since I was nervously getting ready to go into hospital for my very first general anaesthetic for my very first operation; a knee arthroscopy for… View Post