10 Reasons Why I am Sorry Dear Husband

Oh Husband I’m sorry! When you hear the word wife what image does it conjure up in your mind? Despite being quite open minded I still see pictures of a domestic queen from the 50s.… View Post

Upbeat Protein Drinks – REVIEW

AD – When I recently got asked to review the new Upbeat protein drinks, I jumped at the chance as always have a keen interest in any foody/health related products. I like to see something… View Post

My 11 Tips for Holidaying Abroad with Your Toddler

Now let’s be frank. I don’t tend to beat about the bush anyway but still. Holidaying with kids is just not the same compared to pre-kids. You try to re-capture that same feeling you got… View Post

Planespotting is the new Trainspotting

I’m a bit of a plane geek. I love watching them. I fascinated by how big they are. How they get into the sky. How noisy there are. I remember being glued to the sky… View Post

The Realities of Being a Working Mum

I won’t lie; being a working Mum is hard sometimes. I was always going back to work after my maternity leave. No questions. I trained hard to become a dietitian. I like my job and… View Post

My Natural Birth for my First Baby

My birth story for my first baby. Such an amazing memory and here it is. I was sat having a mocktail on the Thursday night at TGI Fridays with my hubby. I was almost 40… View Post

Exercise and Weight Loss – The Facts

So now exercise isn’t going to help you lose weight. Brilliant. These were the headlines I woke up to a couple of weeks ago. Okay, it is true you can’t compensate for a horrendous diet… View Post