Phenylketonuria Diet Challenge – How did it go low protein?

I have just come to end of my low protein diet for phenylketonuria diet challenge for International PKU Day on 28th June. If you want to see why I was doing this, have a read… View Post

Top Tips for Keeping Kids Safe in the Sun

Sunburn is crap. I hate it. It’s sore, looks awful and it’s down right dangerous. Skin cancer is a very real fear of mine. I have to be so careful in the sun. As a… View Post

Phenylketonuria – Low Protein for a Week – My Challenge

I’m a Dietitian as many of you may know. I work in quite a specialist area called Inherited Metabolic Disorders which are basically genetic conditions where a patient cannot process a specific component of food.One… View Post

Tips for How To Exercise on Holidays

Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them I exercise on holidays. Why? It’s a holiday. I’m meant to be stuffing my face and chilling by the pool with a cocktail. It may only… View Post

Fuerteventura! Our Family Holiday

Here it is – the obligatory holiday in Fuerteventura post! I did consider writing a post each day whilst away but I soon realised: a) I’m not that organised b) I took a blogging break… View Post

Kid’s Party Pressure

A Party for kids. Sometimes there really is pressure to throw the best one! Helen wrote a post last week about the pressure of throwing a party for toddlers. It reminded me of wedding planning;… View Post

To hug or not to hug?

A hug. It isn’t always for everyone. I was shopping in the Bull Ring on a Saturday with my Mum when I was approached by a group of people in pink and blue T-Shirts. I’m… View Post