What’s Right for You – Misunderstood Mummy

What’s Right for You – Misunderstood Mummy
I’m back after my awesome holiday with the next installment in
my What’s Right for You feature. This week it is the turn of Michelle from
Misunderstood Mummy. If you would like to take part please get in touch.

Misunderstood Mummy

A Bit
about the Blog and the Family

My blog is mainly a parenting one, about my daughter and me
and what we get up to. I have found my journey into motherhood a tough one, it
certainly hasn’t been plain sailing for us and i find blogging helps me. I
started it in January, after reading so many blogs for so long! Please tell me
a bit about your family I am a mummy to one little girl, Betsy, who is almost
17 months. I am also fiancee to Ashley, we are due to get married in December!
We live in a little town in Somerset. Ashley works Monday to Friday so as a
family we live for the weekends!
you drink any alcohol before and during your pregnancy
I didn’t drink any alcohol during my pregnancy, but i’m not
an overly big drinker anyway so this wasn’t particularly difficult for me.
you find out the gender of your baby?

Yes, there was no way I could wait until I gave birth!
you have a 4D scan?

No. I’m really not a fan of them. I think it’s a little bit
odd being able to see your baby’s face before he/she is born! Did you exercise
during pregnancy? Not really, but then again I don’t exercise in general! I
used to have a 20 minute walk to work which I had to do a few times a week…..
does that count?!
labour – pain relief?

I went into it thinking I would be able to do it all
natural with no pain relief, I had it written all over my notes that that was
what I wanted. However, once I was in labour I changed my mind quite quickly! I
had gas and air, and then diamorphine. I begged for an epidural but couldn’t
have one. Looking back I have no idea what I was trying to prove by being so
adamant I could do it natural.
through the twinkle (please insert your own word here) or the sun-roof?

Woo woo!
or bottle feeding?

Exclusively breastfed until 7/8 months, then onto bottle.
or solo sleeping?

Solo, hated the thought of her being in bed with us as
worried we would squish her!
you use a sling?

Not really, we did have one but it wasn’t used very often.
did your baby move to their own room?

Quite early, about 7/8 weeks. Mainly because she was
rapidly growing out of her moses basket and the cot would not fit in our room!
or no dummy?
No dummy. I was pretty adamant I didn’t want
her to have one, we did try once out of sheer desperation but she didn’t take
to it at all, which looking back I’m very glad about!
weaning or the purees?

A bit of both. I’ll be honest, I cannot cope with mess. I
know baby led weaning is what I’m probably supposed to do, but I really hate
and blue or gender neutral?

Not pink, but not really gender neutral either. I don’t
dress Betsy as a girly girl really, mainly because she is such a brut it just
doesn’t suit her to be wearing pink!
you a SAHM or back to work?

I work two days a week, the rest I’m home with Betsy. I’ll
be honest and say that as much as I love being with her, it would massively
benefit us for me to work a bit more but due to child care I’m not really able
you lost the Mum-tum?

No… I put huge pressure on myself to lose it at first, then
realised that actually I dont care very much!! I have enough to worry about!
did you first leave your baby overnight if at all?

It wasn’t until Betsy was about 8 months old, due to
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