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Turtle Bay is coming to Solihull!

At the moment anything food related is enough to catch my interest but when I was invited to the opening of the new Turtle Bay restaurant in Solihull on 26th May, I was a bit gutted it was my late work finish and I wouldn’t make it. It officially opens to diners on 31st May. Below is an artist’s impression of what the front will look like.


Thankfully hubster and I can go and review it in the near future. Woop!

For anyone who doesn’t know Turtle Bay is an Caribbean eating and drinking establishment. Think Jerk chicken, think fish, think pulled pork and also think cocktails. My idea of heaven with all the spice thrown in for good measure.

This is information given on part of the opening announcement:

Turtle Bay celebrates the lively, colourful, soulful and, above all, delicious experiences that the Caribbean has to offer  – from rich and explosive flavours to laid back ‘liming’. Their mission is to capture the spirit of celebration that the Caribbean is famed for around the globe – making customers happy by delivering a hedonistic combination of joyous food, wicked drinks and a fun, laidback atmosphere. It’s democratic, welcoming and sociable destination – CEOs are as welcome as students.

Here are some pictures of the dishes you may want to chose:

HH Turtle Bay Food Shoot Beach platter 001 Jerk Pit Prawns

Very generously on the first day of trading, the Solihull Turtle Bay restaurant is holding a “pay as you feel day” where diners pay as much as they feel their meal is worth. Turtle Bay will then match this for each table and donate the proceeds to the Solihull Marie Curie Hospice.

Here is some information about the Hospice:

The Marie Curie Hospice in Solihull provides care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. They have been carrying out this vital work for over 65 years and last year alone cared for over 2000 people from the West Midlands.

I for one cannot wait to go for a meal and will be getting that arranged pretty sharpish!