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The A to Z of Christmas with Kids

Do you remember Christmas’ pre-kids? Shopping without a buggy, wrapping presents leisurely and Christmas dos where you got off your face.

No me neither. Feels like forever ago.

Things change when the mini mes come along and it is loud, exciting and sometimes sober. There is all this new crap that I never had as a kid: Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Eve boxes (!) and December 1st seems to have really glammed up too!

Ah the minis. We love them but they change a lot. Mainly for the good but sometimes for the darn right annoying.

This inspired me to write the A to Z of Christmas with kids. I wonder if you can relate.

A is for advent calendar and the arguments over having 1 sodding chocolate a day.

B is for baubles, 10 of them, all in one spot on my tree.

C is for chocolate; it is everywhere and my dietitian brain is going into overdrive.

D is for decorating the house; the most stressful thing EVER with a 3 year old.

E is for excitement which is synonymous with not listening, being giddy and generally being a wild child.

F is for Frozen – lets watch it 10 billion more times as there is snow and it is Christmas.

G is for garlands and my child almost strangling herself.

H is for happy; all you want your kids to be on Christmas Day.

I is for ignoring me. See E. This has multiplied since it was December I am sure.

J is for jumpers and buying at least 3 Christmas ones for your children.

K is for kids all coming over for a Christmas party and eating a LOT of sugar.

L is for lists. If I didn’t have them I would forget my life.

M is for mulled wine and my hubby being drunk on a Sunday afternoon.

N is for Netflix and that flipping annoying Caillou’s Holiday Movie.

O is for oranges and my feeble attempt to get my daughter to eat fruit.

P is for presents; buying and wrapping when I get a precious 5 minutes.

Q is for quiet; just 5 minutes my gorgeous girl?

R is for reading loads of Christmas stories.

S is for Santa. Of course we have to meet him.

T is for toys…where I am going to put all the new ones?

U is for unwrapping. This is be completed in 30 seconds flat.

V is for vino. Please go to sleep before 8pm on Christmas Day Piglet, so I can have some and play Articulate!!

W is for waiting. To a kid, advent seems like a lifetime.

X is for X-rated language. From me. A lot of it.

Y is for yule log and the one my Mum will make and the gremlin will pinch.

Z is for zzzzzz: I hope we actually get some on Christmas Eve!

Will we survive it?


Merry Christmas guys!


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  1. December 19, 2016 / 7:45 am

    looks like santa needs a hair cut lol 🙂