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MandM Direct for Us

You may have seen my post on Tuesday with the girls showing off their holidays items from MandM Direct.

Now it is the turn of hubby and me to showcase what we chose. MandM Direct is a fab retail website which stocks a variety of brands for discount prices. There is everything from beach wear, to trainers, to t shirts, to jeans.

As we are going on holiday next month, hubby was keen to have a look for some new T shirts and he really found some bargains.

He choose a cool navy tee by Kangaroo Poo. This was £4.99; saving £10, which is great. He is hoping to take this away on holiday.

He also chose another tee by Fred & Boston which retailed at £6.99, saving £8, another bargain.

I had been hankering after some white pumps for a while that didn’t make my feet look huge. I loved a pair from Firetrap that retailed at £12.99; saving £7. I love them and so comfy. Not so white now though.

The final choice had to be something for the gym. I’m always after gym leggings and picked some from Skechers. These retailed at £14.99; saving £17. This was a bargain in my view. They look good and are so comfortable. You will have to excuse the highchair in the picture. When I am getting to the gym with 2 kids left behind, it’s get the picture and run!

Once again we were really impressed! We saved money and still managed to get some top brand products. Definitely check out MandM Direct if you are sorting your summer clothes.

Disclosure – we were provided with a budget to choose some items from MandM Direct. All thoughts and opinions are our own.




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  1. April 10, 2017 / 1:00 pm

    So cheap!! I love this website! I’m definitely going to buy a few things for Lews birthday this weekend, they are half the price if not less!!