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Magentic A3 Weekly Planner **REVIEW**

I’m in serious panic mode now with my organisation. I need to get sorted now the gremlin is going to school and I will be back at work soon. I need a planner and something is we all can see and use in the house.

I was asked to review an A3 Magnetic Dry Wipe Weekly Planner which is currently available on Amazon for £12.99. I was sold! It would be perfect to help with me keeping my busy life on track.

The Product

The product came pretty speedily thanks to Amazon Prime and you can see what it looked like from the pictures.

The product specifics are as follows:

  • Large memo board with strong flexible magnet for adults and children
  • Handy white board by Plan Smart

  • 3 quality dry erase markers with eraser included

Our Verdict

The magnetic side sticks perfectly to the fridge door and there is no creasing or problems. It’s up and ready to use in seconds. Each of the pens are magnetic too which makes life easier for a scatterbrain like me that always loses pens!

The planner is set out so there are many different options to how you can use it.

I chose to give each box a name for each of us in the family and all the things we need to do for each other. This could be appointments or tasks. You could categorise the boxes in other ways – dates to remember, a to do list, appointments, shopping or even meal plans. The list is endless and it really helps to keep you on track.

I also find if it is written down there on the fridge my husband can pretend he didn’t hear me or I didn’t tell him!!

Overall Thoughts

This magnetic planner is really nifty. It’s good value, easy to start using and put up and will help with keeping you organised.

With school and dare I say it, Christmas coming…what are you waiting for?

Disclosure I was provided with this product and compensated in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. August 24, 2017 / 7:05 am

    This looks like a great idea, definitely what I need in my life to keep us all on track.