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To My 4 Year Old Gremlin

My littlest gremlin is going to be 4 years old tomorrow. FOUR YEARS OLD!

This is complete madness to me. I probably write the same annoying crap every single time she gets another year old but why break tradition eh?

This is for her and she will probably read it in years to come and be all embarrassed but hey? What are we for?

To my grem,

I look at you, getting taller by the day and am always completely amazed (or deafened or want to ring your neck for the last thing you ignored me for) but the love is so crazy, it scares me sometimes.

You are my first little baby, my littlest gremlin, as I like to call you and I can’t believe we have had you for 4 years now.

As expected you have been a tad harder work since your baby sister came along and although you love to wind her up, I know you care for her so much. You move her when she is near any danger or call me to help and you love it when she laughs and saves her smiles just for you.

You will be going to school so soon after you turn 4 and although you will be the baby, you are going to be fine. You make friends so easily and your confidence has grown loads with new people. I know you will ace it and have a great time, even though I’m going to miss you loads.

You drive me crazy with your messy eating, winding your sister up, your loudness and silliness but don’t ever change my darling, as you stand your ground a lot more now and you need to. This time a year ago you would have cried if another child tried to take something from you or pushed in at the park. Now you don’t stand for it and this may seem harsh to those poor other children but it makes me proud.

Never lose your silly streak and sense of humour as it gets you far in life and makes life a lot more fun on the way.

I WISH you would eat some more fruit and make your dietitian Mummy happy but one day perhaps? You love most of your food (the things you like) so much and I have never seen anyone look so happy over chocolate and ice-cream in my entire life. But it is the simple things that make us happy and I love the look of joy on your face sometimes.

I read your nursery report and I was so proud. You were described as kind, pleasant and polite; all the things I wanted you to be. We talk about beautiful Princesses and lip gloss but we also talk about being kind, hard working and strong which I know you will be.

There’s not much more to say apart from I love you, I love your company. You’re hilarious and I’m hoping we will continue to be such good pals.

Happy 4th Birthday my little gremlin.

You make me so proud!


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  1. August 25, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    Aww! Her face just makes me smile. hehehe
    What a lovely post. I hope she has a wonderful birthday! They do grow up so quickly xx