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How to Better Balance Your Time as a Mum and a Student Pursuing an Online Degree

It’s hard for anyone to find that perfect balance between their work or school studies and their personal life, but when you’re a mother you can go ahead and increase that difficulty level by a whole lot. Mothers are notoriously being pulled in 50 different directions at one time, which is not only stressful but can get to be quite exhausting as well.

Perhaps you’ve decided that you not only want to make a difference in your life and your child’s but also in other peoples, so you’ve decided to pursue an online master in public administration degree. While this is certainly commendable, it’s not exactly easy as far as balancing your schedule goes. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips that will help you better balance your online MPA degree and your role as a mother.

Become an Early Riser

One of the most productive times in the day can end up being the early morning hours while the kids and even your significant other are still sound asleep. Sure, it doesn’t sound very glamorous to be up early instead of enjoying that extra couple of hours of rest, but if you can get all your school work done for the day before anyone wakes up then it will be a huge relief.

Typically, it takes at least one to two weeks to get used to a new wake-up time, but once you do you’ll find that you’re able to function well and get a lot accomplished during those early morning hours.

Look Into Childcare

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, there are times in life where it’s just not possible to be all things to all people. You may want to consider looking at childcare options, even if it’s just part-time childcare. Think how a couple of hours a day, or even a couple of full days a week would help you. It will give you time to focus on your studies so you can then get that out of the way, which will allow you to better focus on the kids.

Create a Daily or Weekly Schedule for the Whole Family

It can also be helpful to create a daily or weekly schedule the whole family can refer to. The schedule can include time for your studies, time for chores (be sure to get everyone involved in these), and time for relaxing.

Multi-tasking is also going to be a huge help for you. For instance, rather than preparing the dinner in the kitchen on your own feeling rushed and pressed for time, why not get the whole family involved and turn it into family time.

The Benefits of a Balanced Life are Vast

Learning to live a more balanced life will not only help to relieve pressure and stress but it can free up time for you to relax with the kids, get outdoors, prepare and eat proper meals, and leave you feeling healthier, happier, and more energized in general. The sooner you can achieve that balance, the better for all.

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