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Last Minute Christmas Shopping….Where Do you Go?

I used to think I was always organised at Christmas. I liked to try and have everything done and dusted a good while before the big day. Then kids came along, blogging, TV series on Netflix and somehow I seemed to have a lot less time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty much done this year but I’m not completely done and probably won’t be until Christmas Eve!!

It’s always a bit of a minefield knowing where to go for last minute shopping when you are getting so close to Christmas. You may want a quick bargain using a voucher on Groupon or something really original from Not on the High Street. You may not really be an online shopper and prefer the stores.

I asked a group of bloggers where their go to was at the last minute and here were their thoughts!

Debenhams! I can get literally anything in there for all ages!” Kimberly from Oddhogg.

“John Lewis! You can never go wrong and they have some beautiful gift ideas.” Fran from Back with a Bump.

“Boots. Great quality, decent prices and 3 for 2 is a god send!” Charlie from Our Altered Life.

Asda! you can find anything and everything in a big Asda!” Sarah from Mummy Cat Notes.

“The garden centre – I may have done this one Christmas Eve when I saw a receipt for a present my husband had got me. Loads have clothes and gifts.” Louise from A Strong Coffee To Go.

“Amazon I get everything from there I have prime so can get most things next day!” Sophie from Soph Obsessed.

“Somewhere with as many shops in one place as I can find – a shopping centre like White Rose in Leeds – caters for the cheap as chips stocking fillers and the more expensive “proper” gifts. AND the cards, wrapping paper & everything else I dont have too. Oh and they open late and are all-kinds-of-weather proof. *phew*” Simone from Married to a Geek.

“For me? Tesco. We have a MASSIVE superstore one in Redditch (it even has a Miss Selfridge and a Dorothy Perkins concession inside!). It’s open 24 hours and stocks pretty much everything. Winner!” Holly from Little Pickles Mom.

“Waitrose, there’s usually some nice prosecco on offer and brilliant stocking fillers along with some John Lewis/Waitrose clothes and toys. Or Amazon obviously!” Lynne from New Mummy Blog.

“TK Maxx they is usually something for everyone in there or failing not being able to find something grab a gift card from the post office as they cover all shops.” Clare from Emmy’s Mummy and Harry Too.

“Local markets for some handmade local gifts or just buy vouchers.” Debbie from My Boys Club.

A One4All gift card, you can use it in lots of different retailers and restaurants!” Laura from Dear Bear and Beany.

I love Very. Next day delivery and if it’s wrong I can just send it all back!” Laura from Five Little Doves

“My local high street! It’s amazing how many shops you walk past & never go in, but if you do you’ll be amazed at what you find!” Natalie from Crummy Mummy.

“John Lewis! Everything under one roof and so refined dahhhhling!” Louise from Pink Pear Bear.

“Home bargains! Plenty of cheap bits and pieces plus hidden gems!” Clare from Wild Mama Wild Tribe.

“Amazon Prime is my go to, but for the last few prezzies this year I have gone to small independent shops and found some beautiful and unusual items which I think are going to make great gifts. And it’s lovely to be supporting a small business too.” Kate from Five Little Stars.

“ASOS. I have a VIP account so I get free next day delivery. They don’t do kids stuff but you can get some novelty items if you’re buying for older kids. But I can get something for all the adults quite easily. Plus they always have a sale on!” Alex from Lamb and Bear.

I hope if you are reading this it has given you some ideas. It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow!

Have a good one and happy shopping.