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Helping Your Fussy Eater with MultiVitality Children’s Gummy Bears

With my gremlin the thing that stressed me out the most about her as a younger child was her eating. I will have never classed her as a full on fussy eater as such, but she went through the stages of refusing a lot, like most kids do. With my dietitian hat on, this gets even worse, as I’m actively worrying about all the specific vitamin and minerals that she will be missing!

As a baby she was a dream and ate everything in sight. Then she hit 14-15 months and it all went downhill. She still doesn’t eat a lot of fruit and only now is she starting to try new things. Her 15 month old sister is still eating the world and I’m hoping it stays this way.

Even though my gremlin is 4 years old now and eating better, I still worry about her diet sometimes and feel I would like the reassurance she is getting adequate nutrition.

This is where a vitamin tablet can really help to put your mind at ease, as well as some of the tips I will provide.

MultiVitality Children’s Gummy Bears

I was sent a sample of some vitamins from Healthspan, aimed at children over 3 years and older. These lemon, orange and raspberry gummy bears contain Vitamin A, B6, C, D3, E and K, plus biotin and folic acid. They are available online and retail at £9.95.

healthspan gummy bears

healthspan gummy bears

This nutritional concoction help to boost the immune system, promote energy production and a healthy nervous system and Vitamin D is of course vital for growth and development of healthy bones.

It’s recommended for kids aged 3-6, 1 gummy a day and for children 7 plus, 2 gummies.

To meet the Department of Health guidelines of 10 micrograms a day for Vitamin D, if your little one is between 3-6 years, they will not receive the full quota.

healthspan gummy bears

It is also important to bear in mind these gummies contain gelatin, so are not halal or suitable for vegan or vegetarian children.

What Did my Gremlin Think?

My daughter is like many children; she loves sweets so when I told her I wanted her to try some sweets that were like gummy bears, she legged it off to find them before I could finish my sentence.

There isn’t really much to say apart from she loved them. She wanted more. I had to refuse of course! I noted the lid is child-proof which is an excellent idea, as these vitamins are very tasty. I tried a couple and they did just taste like some gummy bears. This will make life a lot easier when trying to make her take them on a daily basis.

Overall Thoughts

These vitamin gummies went down really well with my eldest, she loved the taste and I know she would take on a regular basis. I liked the idea of making them into little, sugar-free gummy bear, as they are appealing.

They don’t mean the Department of Health guidelines for 10 micrograms for Vitamin D at the recommended dose for 3-6 year olds, so do bear that in mind.

I liked the child-secure lid as my daughter could quite easily eat the whole lot and safety is paramount with little ones.

These vitamins would give you some reassurance if your little one was not eating so well and you would at least know they would be getting some extra help with their nutrition.

Top Tips for a Fussy Eater

– Try to stay calm. Your children do pick up on it and will react, likely continuing not to eat well. If like me, you cannot control this stress, then leave the room and get someone else to calmly deal with mealtimes.

– Try to look at your child’s intake over a week. Imagine if you laid out all their food over a week, instead of thinking of the day. You would probably see they are eating more than you think and something from most food groups.

– If like many children, they love dairy and not much else don’t worry. Dairy is a good source of protein, fat and calcium. It will be doing some good.

baby being fed

– Keep trying and offering the same foods. I have found with my eldest she is now trying new things. For example, she ate some tomato soup the other day and has refused this for ages.

– If they have a very samey diet from day to day don’t worry also. They will be getting energy and some nutrition from what they are having. It is likely to change in time.

– You can try sneaky methods. Smoothies, milkshakes, blending vegetables into sauce, making pictures with food on the plate, there are lots of ideas on Pinterest to give you some inspiration.

Good luck getting your little ones to eat!

Disclosure – I was sent some Vitamins and compensated for my time, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.