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Hosting a Tellytubbies Play Date

Hosting a Tellytubbies Play Date

When I was little I used to love the Tellytubbies. It was slightly after my time but I used to go to a childminder and the younger children loved it! I kind of liked it too and even when I was older my friend bought me a La La and Po small teddy. I still have these and my girls have inherited them, as they do.

When Tellytubbies came around again, I was keen to see what it was like and as predicted my youngest loves it. It’s such a happy little show, with the Tellytubbies being such good friends, it makes sense to have Tellytubby fun with friends.

There is a new series of the show starting on the 4th June and what better way to celebrate than to have a Tellytubbies play date with the new Tubby Playdate pack.

I don’t know about you but a playdate is a brilliant way to not only let your children socialise but it also allows you to have some adult time with other Mums, chat, discuss your worries and have a cuppa. If the children are occupied for short bursts of time, you may get that cup of tea in peace!

Leading research psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer, who specialises in child development also explains the benefits for the little ones too, “Playdates are a great way for children to socialise and develop skills such a communication, turn-taking and sharing. Children benefit from being left to play with their peers.”


This is where The Tubby Playdate pack is a perfect addition to any playdate. This is now available to download here and the best bit is, it is FREE.

Packed with crafts, colouring in, decorations, recipes and decorations, the pack is perfect for some good fun for little ones around the ages 12-30 months. What more do you need when you have little crazies to entertain?

There are lots of ideas and things to do.

What Did We Get Up To?

Our playdate was small and you can just see pictures of my little one, as requested by others but nevertheless it was fun.

The pack is really fab and it even has little invites if you want to make more of a little party and make it that little bit more special. There are also WhatsApp friendly invites you can download, as lets face it, we are all in about 512  separate WhatsApp groups.

tellytubbies playdate invitations


The pack comes with some ideas for snacks and treats, including making some Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast. The little ones at our playdate enjoyed some fruit snacks on the fab Tellytubby plates we were sent for the playdate. It was just so warm and the blueberries went down a treat.

blueberries on a tellytubby paper plate


The pack comes with some lovely craft ideas. You can cut out little Tellytubby antennae to make the children look like mini Tellytubbies! These are easy to cut out and sellotape to a headband.

Tellytubby antennae

My youngest wasn’t massively keen, as she refuses anything to be in her hair but never mind!

19 month old with la la antennae

There is also some lovely Tellytubby bunting the children can colour in and can be easily cut out and used to decorate the party a little more. This was lovely fun, especially as the children my daughter’s age, 19 months, are just getting to grips with crayons and colouring in.

As you can see my youngest brought along some of her Tellytubby toys along with her to really get us in the mood. She is obviously a La La fan.


The pack also gives some other ideas for things to do, like songs to sing, bubble play and even safely creating a fun obstacle course with Dipsy.

We enjoyed a few rounds of heads, shoulders, knee and toes and even me, as the worst singer in the world had good fun, singing along.

The pack was great, as allowed the little ones to interact and play together on their own but it also encouraged quality time with us parents (and laughs with the bad singing). It’s sociable, fun and a lovely idea. Perfect for the summer holidays which are coming, as we all need things to do!!

We were also kindly sent alongside the Tubby pack, a pin the tail of the donkey style game in which the child is blind folded and has to get the tubby custard onto their Tellytubby of choice. My youngest was a little young for this but her sister, who gate crashed towards the end really enjoyed this.  We stuck this up inside, as the easier place but it can be easily stuck on a fence or wall if you are inside or outside.

Overall we had a really fun time together. The activities went down a treat. It gives you lots of ideas of how to prepare a really unique playdate.

The Tellytubby aspect makes it even more fun!

Disclosure – we received all products and were compensated for time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.