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Sports You Hadn’t Thought About Getting Your Kids Into

There are many things that we strive to get our children to enjoy, for example, good food, school, a love of the outdoors and exercise. The aim is, of course, to raise well rounded individuals that are both happy and healthy. Encouraging them to be adventurous is something else we may consider to be a positive thing and that may start simply by getting them to try something new. Here look at some sports that you hadn’t thought of getting your kids into.

Why Sports?

Sports are great for kids for all kinds of different reasons, for example; sports help keep kids to keep fit, assist with both their physical and mental development and they can teach them how to work as part of a team. The more sports kids try out, the better they will like them and the better they will get at them. Or at least that’s the theory.

Out on the Ice

Don a pair of ice skates and there are plenty of activities that kids can get involved with. The main two that are worth considering are figure skating and ice hockey. Figure skating is, perhaps, more suitable for kids who are less confident in large groups, but who still enjoy a challenge. Ice hockey, meanwhile, will suit the more physical and competitive kids who don’t mind being bashed about a bit. No matter which route your children go down, rest assured they will be learning new skills and having lots of fun at the same time.

Shoot Some Hoops

Basketball is a high octane team sport that is enjoying increasing popularity outside of its native country the USA. The sport is non-contact which means it is super safe to play, but that doesn’t mean to say that it isn’t enjoyable. With end-to-end action throughout, basketball is one of the fastest team sports around and the skill levels and fitness required to play it at the highest level are phenomenal. Whilst it may be a while before your kids reach that level, every practice session and game gets them one step further to the NBA.

Hit the Bullseye

 Another sport that may suit kids who don’t naturally gravitate to team sports is archery. This sport, although low profile, is extremely noble and you may be surprised just how accessible it is to get involved with. There are hundreds of venues, both indoor and outdoor, up and down the country, so you are bound to be able to hit the bullseye and find one that is close to you.

As you will know, it isn’t which sport kids fall in love with that is important, it is about getting out there and getting involved. So, whether it’s one of the more traditional sporting pursuits or something a little bit different really doesn’t matter.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.