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How to Create Stylish Accents in Your Home

Finding different accessories and stylish additions for your home isn’t difficult, particularly with so many stores offering these kinds of features. But how do you create maximum impact with your chosen accents when you put them around your home?

Here are some top ideas for how to accessorise your home with style:

Introduce New Cushions and Throws

One of the simplest ways to change the colour and pattern in your room is to introduce cushions and throws. Offering an affordable way to experiment with various looks, they give you the chance to regularly change the interior style of a room.

Got a neutral space? Then why not inject some life with vibrant cushions and throws? For example, you can achieve a truly impactful look with plum and turquoise, while mustards and greys offer a more subtle approach that’s bang on-trend.

Put Up Shutters

To enhance your interior space in more ways than one, nothing works better than shutters. With companies like Direct Blinds offering a range of different styles from traditional, full-height designs to café-style shutters, you can use these blinds to finish off your room with some extra wow factor. They’re also great for adding to the overall ambience of the room, and for giving you additional privacy.

Work with the Seasons

The weather outside has a huge impact on how our living spaces look and feel. When it’s cold outside, we often turn to rustic, cosy designs that create a compact edge. But when it’s warmer, we’ll often favour cool, neutral and minimalistic styles.

So why not use the change of seasons as an excuse to change your accessories? Simply add various pieces at different heights to ensure you’re using every bit of your space. For example, you might put some cushions on the chairs, a rug on the floor and new picture frames on the windowsill.

Get Arty

When you’re introducing accessories, how you organise them affects the impact you create in the room. Organise your accessories using their style, colour and design. For example, if you’re using rustic accessories, try to place these together, putting other themed accessories (e.g. holiday keepsakes, animals or instruments) in the same area.

Hang Up Some Art

The artwork you have in your home can define it, and that doesn’t necessarily have to involve spending a lot of money. Rather, find a picture you love, that evokes your personality, and hang it in a strategic place – i.e. above your mantelpiece or sofa. This piece of art will continue to create a focal point for many years to come, being a timeless piece that works with all the new accessories you introduce.

Finally, so you can always change things when you feel as though a room needs transforming, try to pick up cheap, cheery accessories. Things like fruit bowls, unique picture frames and artificial flowers are ideal.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.