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How To Eat And Workout Like A Duchess

How To Eat And Workout Like A Duchess

Are you still scrolling through pictures and videos of the royal wedding? You’re not alone in wanting to recover those magical moments. Beyond looking at the fashion, there is a sense of peace and confidence at how Meghan carries herself. It’s therefore no surprise when you see what she eats and how she exercises.

We can’t access Meghan’s old blog, The Tig, for her health tips, but there is another alternative called Research and You. They bring you reports and research topics regarding living a healthy lifestyle; for further info click here.

We all have excuses of being too busy to make a healthy lifestyle a priority, so it’s interesting to see how people with a hectic schedule, like Meghan, manage to stay on track.

Food Prep

Before she was royalty, Meghan juggled long hours filming for her television show. She credits her healthy diet with prepping her food beforehand. Bringing a shake to work instead of relying on espresso, for instance.

Many times we reach for unhealthy food because it’s available. Relying on free food at work, which isn’t the healthiest, is a serious downfall for a lot of people. Plan for when you know you will be hungry and drained. Whether you’re at work or with kids, prepare for the 3pm slump and don’t let your sugar cravings get the better of you.

Diet Of A Duchess

Having someone to shop and cook healthy food would make it so easy to stick to a healthy diet, right? Actually, there is something to preparing your own food which makes it better for you. Thinking about food, planning a shop and finding time to cook makes you really appreciate what you are eating. Even just chopping and smelling vegetables before you eat them, makes eating them more satisfying. Simply showing up for meals, by comparison, can’t compare. Also, it makes it easier to overeat because you have more time to sit.

While it would be nice to have a break from preparing food all the time, you can see that even royals make their own food. Harry and Meghan even mentioned how they were roasting a chicken the night they got engaged.


The reality is that when you’re in show business or featured prominently in the news, your body is on display. We can tell our young daughters that what is on the outside doesn’t matter but that message isn’t reflected in the way it is reported.

What’s refreshing is how Meghan talks about exercising. She focuses on how it makes her feel rather than how it makers her look. Different types of exercises she has mentioned that she enjoys, includes:

  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Weight training

Take Away

Everyone has challenges in their lives, whether you can see them or not. Internal motivation comes from believing you are living, or are trying to live, your best and healthiest life. Perhaps that’s what attracted Harry to Meghan. The positive energy that comes from leading a healthy lifestyle is the best gift you can give to yourself. Hopefully Meghan will continue on this path for many years of marital bliss.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.