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Top Tips for Entertaining Children on Long Car Journeys

Top Tips for Entertaining Children on Long Car Journeys

It’s finally summertime. The weather is sunny, and your summer holiday is probably approaching rapidly. Whether you’re travelling abroad or indulging in a staycation this summer, travelling in the car with your children can be a tiring time for both parents and children. So, how can you keep them entertained through a long car journey?

We’ve teamed up with Run Jump Scrap to ensure your family have a fun-filled fuss-free car journey this summer.

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Play good old car games

OK, let’s start with the obvious one. Car games are great…for the first 10 minutes but playing the same old I spy can wear thin very quickly. The best way to implement your car games is one round of each game but dispersed throughout the whole journey.

Here are some car games you could try out:

Car colour tally game

How many yellow cars can you spot? Winner after 10 minutes gets to pick the next song!

Who lives there?

Passing houses as you drive, make up a story about who could live there. This is an imagination game, perfect for little ones and grown-ups, alike.

Road sign bingo

Print out some common and some not-so-common road signs and you can all play along. First to spot them all wins.

20 questions

One person in the car thinks of a person or place and the other people in the car take turns to ask questions. The player can only answer with yes or no.

Download an audiobook series

A popular choice for many families is the Harry Potter audiobook series. It’s fun, adventurous and particularly because it’s read by Stephen Fry the words come to life!

There are many audiobook apps you can download to your smartphone and play through your car’s speakers. Most audiobook apps will give you a free trial, too, so it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Give them an arty challenge

Keeping your children occupied can be tricky, giving them an arty challenge can help them tap into their creativity whilst keeping them happy and busy. You could give them a lump of Blu Tac – age-dependent – and see if they can mould it into a certain shape or object. You can also do a similar thing with tin foil! A very cost-effective activity indeed.

Stop and let them run wild

If you spot a pub in the motorway services with a playground for children, stop for a break (you could do with one, too!). You’ll all stretch your legs, they can have a fun time playing and it just helps to break up your journey slightly and keeps everyone sane.

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