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My Top Tips for Day Trips with The Kids

My Top Tips for Day Trips with The Kids

Sometimes I’m a bit guilty of not getting out and about with the girls in the holidays and at weekends on day trips. I guess little Piglet is a little smaller and there is always that worry that she will run off or kick off!

However it is totally doable and often, despite the slight kid stress, pretty fun! I know I need to do it more.

These are my tips:

– Have the simplest journey planned. Some people find the car insane, moaning kids, cramped in and hard work if a bit of a journey. But it is door to door. The train can be more relaxed and no parking to worry about but it can get pricey! Weigh up your pros and cons and go with simplicity.

– Plan where you will eat and definitely take snacks and water. Food buys you a bit of time with cranky kids and can save you some money, as over a day it can really add up. Try and go for low sugar options, as you don’t want the sugar crashes.

-Definitely have done your research about where you are going (I am very lazy when it comes to this but it is so important!) I live in busy Birmingham but have some limited experience of other places such as Liverpool which has some top activities to do and Groupon have some fantastic deals at present and can help to make your day even better, which saving the pennies:  You can eat out, go trampolining or even go on a tour bus and be a real tourist!

– Have back up plans. Sometimes what you want to do may be full, or the queue is massive or it is unexpectedly closed. Always have an idea of what else or where else you could go.

– Don’t worry about relying on The iPad babysitter for a bit. Especially when travelling or waiting for anything. It’s your day too and you want to feel as calm and serene as possible.

– Go with extra pairs of hands. We always holiday with family and you can do the same with day trips. This can really help with little ones and allows you to nip to the loo or order food on your own, knowing they are safe.

– Check the weather. I know it isn’t always reliable but it can at least give you a guide of what you will wear. Will you need sun cream or a raincoat?

– Take supplies for the day. You will know your usuals, like nappies, wipes, bibs and spare clothes but have a list of things you may need and stick to it.

Getting out and about with kids it not always the easiest thing to do and you do need to make your life as easy as possible. I hope some of these tips help and you feel ready to take on a day trip with your family!

Have travelling!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.