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Keeping In Shape As A Family: 6 Ideas You Might Like To Try

Are you concerned that you’ve become a bit of a couch potato? Do you struggle to find the motivation to do anything energetic when you get back from work in the evenings? Then now is the perfect time to work towards turning that situation around. It is especially important that you consider some of the tips and ideas from this page if you have children. Young people do not get enough exercise because they tend to spend most of their time playing on computers these days. Still, the suggestions below will help you to keep in shape as a family, and that will also mean you get to spend lots of quality time together. So, there is more than one benefit from taking this advice.

Go to the gym together

There are more family gyms out there today than at any point in the past. The idea of people working out as a family is becoming popular at the moment, and so you might like to jump on the bandwagon. Search online for suitable establishments in your local area, and then get in touch with them for additional info. So long as the gym has the correct insurance policies in place; you can take your kids and exercise as a family. Maybe you like the idea of trying some Yoga courses together or something similar? Aerobics are also going to work well. Just make sure you avoid the weight lifting machines and tools because they are not designed for children. The same goes for most other equipment in the gym.

Arrange long nature walks

Sometimes getting some fresh air is all you need, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to do that every single weekend. Take a look at a map and work out the best areas to walk near to your home. You might have to travel a short distance, but most families will hit a nature trail or two within only a few miles of their houses if they live outside of major cities. The best thing about taking a walk in the wild is that your kids will breathe some much-needed fresh air, and you’ll manage to tire them out within only a couple of hours. If you’re a social family; you might consider getting in touch with local walking groups and asking if you can join them from time to time.

Taking your kids camping in the mountains is always going to go down well. You will all get lots of exercise because it’s impossible not to when you have to navigate that terrain. Again, your kids will get some fresh air, and you’ll spend some quality time together. Maybe you could teach the little ones how to build a shelter or something similar? Kids need to learn those skills, and you’re the only person who can teach them. You could also try catching your evening meal and cook it using a fire you started from scratch. Getting back to nature is always going to make you feel happy, and you are sure to come home feeling shattered from the amount of exercise you endure.

Visit your local swimming baths

Swimming is one of the best exercises for people of all ages. It is even excellent for those who suffer from joint conditions like arthritis, and that is why you should take a look at the opening times for your local swimming baths. The best thing about working out in the water is that it helps to support your weight. So, it’s a low impact exercise that is perfect for older people and children. Also, you’re going to have a lot of fun in the pool, and that’s what it’s all about. You might discover that you have to join a leisure center or something similar to gain access to the pool, but it’s worth the expense, and your kids will love it.

Join local sports teams

You might find some local sports teams that consist of parents and their children if you take the time to search online. Presuming you have something like that in your local area; you should get in touch and find out more information about how to join. Most people don’t have those groups nearby, but there are still plenty of amateur teams here and there. Perhaps you should ask your sons or daughters whether or not they would like to play football or basketball with other young people at the weekend. At the very least; you should take them along for one session and see if they enjoy it. You still get some exercise because you have to stand at the side of the pitch shouting. Also, nobody will stop you from running on the spot if you feel the need to get your blood pumping.

Walk to the shops


Lastly, if you want to make sure your family doesn’t get a reputation for being lazy and overweight; you need to stop driving around the corner to the local shops. If something is less than three kilometers away; you should think about walking unless you face adverse weather conditions. If you did that every single day; you would notice a vast improvement in your fitness in a matter of weeks. The same goes for your kids. Stop driving them to school when they can walk there in less than half an hour. Encourage the little ones to find some friends to accompany them every morning, and you might even manage to stay in bed a little longer than you otherwise would have done.  

Now you know some fantastic ideas for keeping in shape as a family; nothing should stand in the way of you achieving that goal. Of course, the suggestions in this article are just here to show you what’s possible and provide some inspiration. All the final details are down to you, and it probably makes sense to involve your kids in the decision-making process if you want them to take part and remain enthusiastic about your planned activities. Have fun!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.