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The Most Scenic Drives Around Europe #RoadTripsofEurope

The Most Scenic Drives Around Europe #RoadTripsofEurope

I always think we are so different to the Americans when it comes to transport. As their country is just so huge, driving long distances to get anywhere is normal. I always remember my hubby telling me, when he stayed out there, friends were willing to drive hours for a Krispy Kreme!

I don’t think we drive to places as much and this is a shame as we can miss out on some of the most beautiful scenery. We tend to fly on holidays and I haven’t done a driving holiday since I was 15 and went to the South of France. Obviously this took time and we lost 4 days of holiday time but it was fun to stop along the way and see a lot of France.

Kwik Fit have put together a guide to the most scenic drives around Europe #RoadTripsofEurope.

Here are some of their top places for an amazing drive.

Route 500 Germany – this goes through the amazing Black Forest, which can be quite adventurous and there is then a smooth drive through the mountains. Along the route you can take a dip in the thermal springs of Baden and stop off at Hohenbaden castle.

Trollstigen Norway – This route has a steep 10-degree incline and 11 hair-raising hairpin bends, the ‘Troll’s Path’, as it’s translated to in English, is one of Europe’s most winding roads. Sounds great for thrill seekers! It lead you to the Stigfossen Waterfall and the The famous National Tourist Route leads you through the spectacular Norwegian
fjords and across one of the world’s most stomach-churning bridges. Sounds like you do have to be careful of the terrain and tumbling rocks.

Route One Iceland – Iceland offers some amazing sights including volcanoes and lava fields to the stunning Blue Lagoon, extraordinary waterfalls and even a chance to go whale-watching and catch the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are something I have always wanted to see. Route one has some brilliant stops off, so definitely allow lots of time for your journey.

These sound amazing and definitely worth charging your camera battery for. I like the idea of flexibility and being able to stop and start at your leisure, having some hair raising moments and seeing some of the beautiful sights of Europe by car!

Definitely a holiday plan for the future.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.