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Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre – **REVIEW**

Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre – **REVIEW**

The Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre will be something I know my youngest daughter will love! So much that I letting my 5 year old (who will equally love) put it to the test and saving it for a pressie. We love Peppa Pig Toys in this house.

The Peppa Pig Mobile Medical centre in the box front

My youngest daughter loves Peppa Pig and is really good at sitting down and playing by herself; just her and her imagination, which is great. She loves little figures and little toys, so I knew The Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre would be something she would really enjoy. Her and her older sister have started to play together a little more, so fingers crossed they can play with it together.

More About The Peppa Pig Medical Centre

The Peppa Pig Medical Centre is aimed at children aged 3-5 years old (my youngest is 2 but is always fully supervised, if she plays). It is part of the “When I grow Up collection” from Character Options. It’s RRP is £29.99.

The product is a push along ambulance which opens up to a whole medical centre inside! You will see a waiting room and reception desk. There is also an operating theatre and an X Ray machine and bed!

girl playing with The Peppa Pig Mobile Medical centre

Waiting area in the The Peppa Pig Mobile Medical centre

Here is what is fully included:

  • 1 x Ambulance, 1 x Reception Desk, 1 x First Aid Desk, 1 x Gurney Bed, 1 x Teddy, 1 x Dr. Brown Bear Figure, 1 x Nurse Peppa Figure

The good thing is you need no batteries!

I was really looking forward to the gremlin have a go with it (being my official toy tester!)

Playing with the Peppa Pig Medical Centre

So we kicked out the youngest with her Dad and me and the gremlin sat down for a play with The Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre.

It was easy to get out of the box and assemble and we got to grips with the different parts quite easily. The waiting area doubles up as the roof of the ambulance and with a bit of practice my gremlin was able to put it together and push it along the floor. You can also out Dr. Brown Bear and Peppa Pig into the front to drive the ambulance.

Girl putting the ambulance together from the Peppa Pig Mobile Medical centre

The ambulance in the Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre

You unfold the sides and you see medical areas with pictures of medical equipment, making it very realistic for the little ones.

The gremlin used Teddy as the patient and Peppa Pig as the nurse. She loved imagining Teddy was going for an X-Ray and wheeling him along on the trolley.

She loved this toy and really got involved and played together for a little while. I liked how she brought in some of her other toys and really made the Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre part of her games.

Our Thoughts on The Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre

My gremlin was really enraptured by this toy. She is 5 now and I did wonder if she was past Peppa Pig a little but I was proved wrong. She loves playing doctors and I think this really suited her. She also loves playing with others (me), so it was great for her to boss me around with her game ideas.

Here are some pros and cons of the Peppa Pig Mobile Medical Centre:


– It is easy to get to grips with and no real assembly which is always a pro! No batteries are needed to, so you can pretty much start playing.

– It combines a love of Peppa Pig and playing doctors and nurses. My gremlin obviously loves both, so was really keen on the toy. She played with it until her sister woke up and we needed to pack it away to hide!

– It’s a simple toy really. I liked how it all unfolded into a medical centre with an X-Ray and could easily be folded up and changed into an ambulance. My eldest liked this feature too as she changed it around a lot.


– The price. I think £29.99 is a lot for this toy. It’s effective and my daughter loved it but as I said as one of the pros, it is a simple toy and a lot for the price.

– My eldest needed a little practice folding up the centre to make the ambulance and I needed to supervise at first. She’s 5. Didn’t take too long and she had the knack!

Not much more really! It does what it says on the tin and is a lovely toy and Peppa Pig fans. Judging by how long my daughter played with it, I’m thinking my youngest is going to love it too, this Christmas.

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.