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Keeping Safe and Surviving the School and Nursery Runs!

Keeping Safe and Surviving the School and Nursery Runs!

I’m a very lucky Mummy, in the respect that I only do the school run twice a week but I’ll be honest with you….I actually quite like it! I enjoy the trip with my gremlin and I loved seeing her face and having a cuddle when I pick her up.

Its my hubby’s job the other three days of the week and he has to take our youngest to nursery three mornings a week too. This is just because I leave so early for work; I’m out of the door for 7.15am!

My hubby will do anything to make his life easier when travelling. He’s the one who will check the traffic before leaving for any journey and leaves stupidly early for the airport. So I know this is the same with the school runs. He hates being stuck in traffic, wasting time and being late. Total travel anxiety whereas I won’t bother and usually either sail through or get stuck in a jam!

So I thought I’d share how we survive our school and nursery runs and make life as easy as it can be with two crazy girls to get out of the house with a part time and full time worker to get ready and out too! It has to be a well-oiled machine.

– We walk the gremlin to school. We do live close enough to do this but even if we didn’t I think I would try and use the Walking Bus the school provide. This allows your kids to be dropped off at a further distance from the school, avoids all the congestion and they are safely walked to school. Brilliant idea and fab for getting them active too. There is also a park and walk at a close pub nearby which helps too. The school can be crazy with cars and I always worry about crossing the road or getting my car stuck, as it can get a bit gridlocked.

– We make sure the gremlin knows about being safe. She always walks or scoots on the inside of the pavement and would never cross the road without us.

– Hubby leaves with plenty of time when driving our youngest to nursery. The roads can be particularly busy on the way back and he likes to have time to get back before the gremlin goes to school.

– He drives carefully. Hubby isn’t a speeder, or one who drives like crazy to get to a destination. In his mind it’s not worth the risk with the girls in the back. He would be one who if monitored would be a safe driver and this can be monitored with the Aviva Driver app ,which comes with an integrated dash cam. This helps you to also save money on your car insurance. Definitely worth a download to help you think about safety and even save money.

– He parks in the local supermarket next to the nursery. There is limited parking at the actual nursery and let’s just say, he’s seen some very interesting parking in his time!! So he avoids the chance of a scrape by parking slightly further away.

At the moment our routine works. We usually all get to our destinations on time and most importantly safely, without issues with our cars. The working and school days can be crazy busy enough and we all want a smooth start to the day!

What about you? Any top tips to avoid congestion in the mornings and keep safe?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.