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Top Tips for Looking After the Environment #MySocialSpirit

Top Tips for Looking After the Environment #MySocialSpirit

Looking after the environment does need to be one of our top priorities and sometimes I have to admit, I don’t always feel like I am on the ball with it. Rushing around, convenience and the crazy kids often means I don’t sit down and stop and think about what I am doing. My hubby is a lot better than I am and thinks a little more. He will always hang the washing out, rather than tumble dry it and is better at separating the recycling.

I used to go with my childminder to the recycling bins in a local car park and help her get rid of loads of paper and bottles. Companies like provide all sort of recycling bins now, perfect for work and school environments.

I asked some of my fellow bloggers what sort of things they do to look after the environment and they gave me some great tips:

“Switch to cardboard straws and reusable bags and water bottles,” Katie from Mummy’s Diary.

“Get a water bottle and take it with you. That way you no longer need to buy bottled water out and about.” Charlotte from Looking After Your Pennies.

“Use rainwater to water your plants – they prefer it too!” Jo from Cup of Toast.

“Steel straws and bamboo cutlery! I always take mine out and about with me now as it’s so much easier if I want to grab food or drink on the go!” Jenna from Then There Were Three.

“Take a bag with you when you go for picnics or trips to the beach so you can take your rubbish home with you rather than leave it there, then recycle at home.” Sarah from Mummy Cat Notes.

“Walk when possible. It saves you money, improves your health and reduces carbon emissions.” Pete from Household Money Saving.

“Wash at as low a temperature as possible. If it’s not dirty wash at 30 Wash a full load each time rather than lots of small loads. Air dry as much as possible” Jo at Rose Tinted World.

“Cloth nappies and reusable wipes can make a huge difference.” Hayley from Devon Mama.

“Use the low energy lightbulbs and make sure you turn off lights when you are not in those rooms. Also, dont fill and boil the kettle for just one cup of tea!” Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders.

Take carrier bags you won’t use to the charity shop along with coat hangers. It might not be recycling them for much longer but better than the bin and helps the charity too.” Jen from Just Average Jen.

“Get a flask or reusable cup so you aren’t using disposable coffee cups when you grab a hot drink to go. Also try to find alternatives to food in plastic packaging wherever possible”  Katie from Living Life Our Way.

“Focus on the small things as they’re easier to achieve. If everyone did the small things it would make a massive difference! Recycle what you can, turn off things you aren’t using and put on an extra layer rather than cranking the heating up is a good start!” James from A Life Just Ordinary.

“Recycle your old books, toys or clothes by giving them to a local charity or a family in need.” Rim from Curious and Geeks.

There are some great tips to get you started. I think as someone said, start small, working with goals that can be easily achieved on a daily basis.

It all adds up!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

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