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My Temper, My Foot and a Wall

My Temper, My Foot and a Wall

It’s completely ironic that last week I wrote a blog post about turning 34 and how I felt I was different. Growing up! Less of a hot head. Less of a person that loses their temper and to be fair, this is usually the case. I’m stroppy and arsey sometimes and now and then I will blow up at the girls when they really test my patience. For your information, this never works and they just end up crying even more!! So it doesn’t happen that often

Last week was one of those occasions where I lost my temper and I wrote this post in the Minor injuries Unit at my local hospital!!

I didn’t even lose my temper at anyone in particular either. Not hubby. Not Piglet, who was behaving pretty well actually. I still wasn’t feeling too well after having a day off with a cold and feeling generally very tired. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have probably dragged myself in the previous day but I felt wrecked and the rest was needed. Despite, having a banging, fuzzy head, I decided to take Piglet into town to do a bit of Christmas shopping. What I didn’t envisage was it absolutely chucking it down as we got to the end of the road. I’d grabbed the brolly but Piglet was walking and controlling her, a buggy and a brolly is near darn impossible!!! After realised we were going to get drenched, I shoved her into the wet buggy and legged it home.

We were SOAKED. Piglet was tearful and I was fuming. We wouldn’t make it into town, even with driving as the buggy and our coats were wet through. After getting in through the door and ranting at my bemused hubby I just kicked the porch wall and hard in temper. God know why? Genuine rage? Hormones? Likely.

Massive error, You know when you do something and in a nano-second you regret it? Like faster than immediate? I knew I shouldn’t have done it, as my foot felt weird and painful immediately. I spent the rest of the day icing it and panic texting my work mate, as wasn’t sure I’d be in work the next day, now due to an injured foot!!

punching a wall

I could walk but it hurt. I managed to get the gremlin from school but we decided to drive to swimming, as the weather was iffy. By the time I go back my foot was throbbing BAD and I was struggling to walk. By bedtime it hurt at rest a lot and I needed paracetamol and to go to bed. My doctor mate advised a trip to Minor Injuries the next day. I knew my work mate was going to kill me and I didn’t get the best night’s sleep!

I woke up the next morning and moved it really tentatively and it was a lot better. I could walk but it hurt. I decided if I wasn’t going to make work, I needed to go to Minor Injuries and this was where I was when I started this post. I was seen by a lovely doctor, who informed me I was very unlikely to get an X ray regardless as I was pregnant but she didn’t think it was fractured. She reckoned a contusion (a bruise) in the tendons on the top from the force of my kick and to give it 3-5 days and actually keep moving it. Phew!!

So that’s what I did. I was off on Friday for my birthday and I managed to walk into town no bother and hit the gym again on Saturday. Such a relief!

So what did I learn? Don’t kick the wall in temper! Don’t lose my temper? Go to anger management as my Mum suggested? Nah. I’m fiesty and that’s just me. I’ve had a few supportive friends come forward and admit stamping, screaming, lobbing plates and punching walls is a normal occurrence for them now and then and in the past. Thanks guys!

I wasn’t sure I was going to share this but hey ho I have!

What’s the worst thing you have done in temper?


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  1. Vivienne England
    November 19, 2018 / 5:23 pm

    Hey Sarah. When married to your grandpa, Your auntie was in her crib on one side of the bed and I was seeing to her. Your Mum was in the doorway on other side of bed being a right little cow over something and wouldn’t stop. I threw a glass feeding bottle with abou 3 fl oz milk in it and it hit the wall. I lost cos had to clean up milk and glass from floor and wall! Another time having a row and I threw a wood coat hanger at him which missed (never could aim straight) and he thought it hilarious. So…… you’re not alone in the temper stakes AND I was only about 24, 25 ish xx