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My Strange Eating Habits – What Are Yours?

strange eating habits

I love hanging around at work when I’m alone and waiting for a clinic to start. I always hear the chats and liked noseying to what is going on. I overheard one of the nurses when I was at work refusing a piece of cake for breakfast recently and I wholly agreed with her. I mean who has cake for breakfast? Then I realised probably a lot of people do and it was just my opinion. Do you?  This got me thinking. What strange eating habits do I have? I have a friend who will only eat off a white plate, no colour at all and I know others who have to have each food separate and can’t touch each other.

Strange Eating Habits

My strange eating habits aren’t that extreme and I think are related to being a dietitian and healthy eating but here are some of mine:

– I definitely agree with no cake for breakfast. I will push to having a pain au chocolat but that’s about it. I just think it feels wrong and weird and way too sweet.

– I always have to have a cup of tea with something sweet and this has got worse since meeting my Irish friends, who orders tea with dessert every time.

– A meal is just wrong without vegetables. I always add salad to a pasta dish. In France I absolutely hated the food, as barely any vegetables and loads of meat.

– I have had an apple pretty much daily since I was about 5 years old and I start to feel weird if I haven’t snacked on one at some point.

– I’m so easily overfaced by large portions. If someone gives me too much food, I lose my appetite. I’m like an old biddy.

– I definitely eat with my eyes. Once my hubby added beetroot to bolognaise and it went purple. No taste change but I totally went off it!!

– I can’t eat anything sweet too close to my dinner. This must be one from my childhood, as I know it will ruin it!!

– If I have a big meal at lunch I always have to have to snacky tea like soup, scrambled egg or a salad. I will very rarely have two hot meals, as it just feels like too much!

As I said before, I do feel like some of these habits have developed as I have worked as a dietitian. I’m way more conscious of what I eat and especially around getting enough fruit and vegetables. Some things I feel have changed since I got married. I eat less than I used to at home, as my Mum gives huge Yorkshire portions and hubby weighs carbs and we generally have smaller portions. Some of the rules about sweet things though, must have come from being a kid.

What funny eating quirks or rule do you have?